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Teacher Gift Guide What we really want

Every time the school year starts, a holiday comes around or the school year comes to a close, people always ask me, “What do teachers really want for gifts? Are there things that teachers just throw away?” Teachers love feeling appreciated by receiving anything, even just a card or a thank you! But if you are in the market for buying a gift for teachers, this teacher gift guide will point you in the right direction.

Let’s start with some store bought ideas for the teacher gift guide. Then we will move on to handmade gifts for the more crafty and adventurous of you!

Store Purchased Gifts:

teacher guide

1. Gift Cards

Gift Cards are an easy way to say “Thank You” to a teacher. Gift Cards are perfect because they allow teachers to purchase school supplies if they choose–or they can treat themselves to a new book or something else they’ve had their eye on! Gift cards let the teacher decide whether to put the money toward themselves or the classroom, which is a nice touch. Think about Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite local restaurant in town. Last year, I got one for the coffee shop right across the street from my school–perfect! As more and more classrooms branch into the world of technology and teachers are using iPads to teach, iTunes Gift Cards are becoming a very relevant gift!

2. Food Baskets

I love receiving Food Baskets!  Let me fill you in on a little secret–when I receive a food basket as a gift, then I can put it out as appetizers when guests come to my house! You can find food baskets online or at most grocery stores. The better you know your child’s teacher, the more you will know about what he or she enjoys to eat.

3. Teacher Inspired Jewelry

Have you ever considered buying your teacher a keepsake item that they will love forever? There are so many adorable jewelry items out there right now like this Teacher’s Inspired Bangle from Etsy. Not only will your teacher look stylish when they wear this bangle bracelet, but they will think of your child every time they wear it!

Jewelry for teacher

4. School Supplies

All classrooms run out of various School Supplies. Ask your teacher what the room is running low on. But if you’re looking to surprise the teacher with a bunch of supplies, it’s safe to bet that glue sticks top the list of supplies needed in an elementary classroom. Every teacher I asked said that glue sticks were the first school supply they are spending their own money on. You’d also be surprised to know that teachers spend their own money on pencils and crayons for the students, tissues, hand sanitizer, and so much more. Add these to the tote you’ll see below!

5. Education Games

Getting a new game for the classroom is a great gift for a teacher. We love having new things for our classroom to use with our students, but don’t always have the extra money to put into buying something “extra” like a game. There are so many great educational games out there for all age groups. Why not try something new and buy a classroom game for a gift?

6. Teacher Supply Goody Basket

Ask any teacher and they will tell you they always run out of White Board Markers. Every classroom would love to have enough individual sized white boardsfor every student. Why not create a basket full of teacher supplies? Or better yet–create a personalized tote and fill it with goodies for the teacher!

Handmade Gifts:

1. Personalized Tote

Following this Printing on Fabric guide, you can personalize a tote bag for your child’s teacher. I love reusable bags. Having one from a student makes me remember them every time I go to use it!

Screen Printing At Home!!

2. Back to School Survival Kit

This Back to School Survival Kit is so cute and it’s full of things that teachers can use. I actually received it at the end of a school year, so it can be a relevant gift at any point during the school year.

3. Handmade Wreaths

There are some adorable handmade wreath DIY tutorials, including this one. Last year, I received a Candy Cane Wreath that I hung up at home and got so many compliments on. I have seen many teachers get crayon wreaths with their initial on it. That Handmade Wreath is nice because they can keep it in their classroom all year round.

DIY Shabby Wreath, Links to the Best Last Minute Homemade Gift Guide!!

Now for the fun part….

What not to gift:

1. Mugs

Please, just no more mugs.

2. Homemade goodies

Unless you have a close relationship with your child’s teacher, usually it’s best to not send in homemade food. Many schools don’t even allow homemade food anymore. That’s why we recommend the Food Basketsabove!

That’s really it! We do appreciate you and any appreciation you show for us!

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