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With the warm weather sneaking up on us, Tea Collection has rolled out it’s spring/summer collection of clothing, and it does not disappoint!

Like they do for all of their seasonal lines, the good folks at Tea traveled around the world, and this season they stopped in Bali to find inspiration for the comfortable island feel of their latest collection. Lightweight, yet durable fabrics with bright, vivid colors make for the perfect warm-weather clothing. Whether you’re at the beach or a pool party, your child will not just be stylish, but also comfortable!

I love the look of the Kangin Stripe Polo on Miles. It’s the perfect look for any occasion and can be dressed up with nice slacks and a hat, or dress it down with some cargo shorts. It’s a versatile style, and the cotton they use is so lightweight and soft!

We also love this next outfit! It’s perfect for playtime. The Padang Surf Tee is so cool, and layered with the Safari Roll Up Shirt, he’s a little GQ model in the making! I love that Safari Roll Up Shirt—the rolled up 3/4-length sleeves give it such an island feel.

But ny absolute favorite thing from the Bali spring/summer line that we sampled were the Chambray Cargo Shorts. Made from a linen/cotton mix, these shorts may look like a pair of vintage denim shorts, but in fact they are a soft, comfortable look alike.


Their boys clothes aren’t all I like about the Bali collection! No, no. Their girls’ line is absolutely amazing as well!

I love the Kangin Stripe Dress. It perfectly complements the Kangin Stripe Polo from the boys line, and it’s such a cute look!!

And check out this adorable Egret Batik Tee with coordinating Safari Paperbag Shorts! I want a pair of those shorts in my size—so cute and cozy!


With the Tea Collection Bali spring/summer line, you’ll be sure to have kids who are not only stylish but also comfortable, and in clothes that are durable. With tons of different looks from sizes 0-12 you’re sure to find something  (or a lot of somethings) that tickles your fancy. Give them a look, and make sure to sign up for their newsletter to cash in on 10 percent off your first order!

*While I was given clothing for review, all opinions are my own.