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I can’t believe in just a couple weeks my oldest will be starting the third grade. They tell you time goes by fast once you become parents and boy were they right. While I am sad to see my son grow up so fast, I am excited for this life adventure with him.

One of my favorite things about summer vacation as a kid was the end of summer vacation. That’s when I got to go back-to-school shopping with my parents. Something about getting brand new supplies, a cool new backpack and lunch box, and fun new clothes got me so excited. Now as a parent I get to relive those moments through my son who shares just as much joy as I did.

Ever since my son has started elementary school we have always done all our school shopping at Target. The school supplies are all in one location, the prices are phenomenal and the most important… they are up-to-date on all the latest trends for kids. This is a huge deal for children. My son seriously takes about 20 minutes going through all the folder options before making his selection. This year he made his decision in seriously 1.5 seconds the minute he saw The Lego Movie folders and notebooks. The Lego Movie is his absolute favorite movie and a popular one at that. To be able to show up to class with his new themed notebooks and folders makes him so excited for the school year to start.


Because he is starting the third grade he needs a bigger backpack that isn’t so “childish” (in his words). We were extremely pleased with the selection Target offered. They offered backpacks of excellent quality which is important. Not only do I not want the backpack to fall apart mid school year, but I want it to support his back while he wears it throughout the school year. Last year when we were at Target we purchased a FUL brand backpack. The backpack latest the entire year. In fact, we still have it. However, now that my son is about to start school again he wanted something a little different. Something with a little modern style. The minute we saw this FUL backpack in their backpack section we just knew that was the one!

back to school

We all know lunch is a big deal for kids. I have fond memories with my friends in the cafeteria. Nowadays lunch boxes are awesome! I seriously wish I was a kid in today’s times just so I can sport one of these to school, or maybe I’ll just sport one anyways. My son was so excited when he saw some of the great options Target has in their store. He couldn’t wait to show my husband the light up R2D2 lunch bag. Seriously… it lights up! The lunchbox options made my preschooler want to get one so he could go to the big kid school like his brother.

R2D2 lunchbox

While we loved the R2D2 lunchbox we ended up going for this cool plain black one that he could put a bento box in for his lunch. I have a feeling he will be sending me back to the store to get the R2D2 one so he can swap lunchboxes back and forth whenever he wants.


Target really makes back-to-school shopping so easy for parents. Our local Target even had a school supplies list for all the local schools in our area. I can’t begin to tell you how many times in the past I have been in the store and wished I had the list on me so I could start our back-to-school shopping. With this available to parents, you really can do your shopping at any time without having to stress over that piece of paper.

School list

Shopping at Target this year has really helped this sometimes stressful experience. I love how they carried everything we needed in my son’s school list (which was a lot). They had items that catered to younger children like my preschooler all the way to high schoolers (and those in college, too)! Thanks to Target my son is now ready to take on this new school year.


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