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Imagine being able to build Legos around corners, on curved surfaces, or even onto the walls. Thanks to a brand called Nimuno, this is about to become a reality.

Meet Nimuno Loops. This flexible tape can be cut and molded to your liking and transform any surface into a Lego-friendly space.

Nimuno Loops

This tape isn’t just compatible with LEGO® Blocks though. You can use it with Mega Bloks, Kreo and most major toy building block systems. A whole new universe of possibilities when constructing with Nimuno Loops!

Here it is in action:

According to Nimuno,  they have spent their lives building and creating using Toy Building Blocks. As professional designers, they see the creative potential it offers people young and old.

In fact, they liked those wonderful Toy Blocks so much that they wanted to find a way to bring them to everyday surfaces – to bring them to the rest of the world. Nimuno loops does just that through its flexibility, cuttability and its re-useable adhesive backing. Forget the Internet of Things. They want to see the Nimuno Loops of Things!

The possibilities are endless and they’d like us to have the opportunity to create paradigm-shifting builds on more-or-less any smooth surface, anytime.

The Toy Block Tape

Currently Nimuno loops are on an Indiegogo campaign where they hoped to each $8,000 USD but far exceeded their goals with over $1.3 million USD. Wow! You can pre-order you adhesive tape by visiting their campaign page here:

Prices start at $11.

Nimuno Loops