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When you become a mom, life tends to lean more towards taking care of your babies and away from taking care of yourself (understandably). When I had my second child, I started to slack in that department a bit, and it went downhill even faster after baby number three. Then all of a sudden one day I looked at myself and decided I couldn’t forget to take care of ME anymore. I need to take care of the person who takes care of these precious babies before I can fully put myself into caring for them! I made it a point to make the time and effort to care for me.

I wake up earlier to shower and get ready before the kids are up. I take my vitamins along with the kids taking theirs – we make it a family thing. I take the time to make quiet time for myself (even if that means staying up till 1am to get it). I am being careful to make healthier decisions in my food choices and activity time, and I made the decision to try and “go with the flow” better and smile more.

Right now I am 5 months postpartum and taking care of myself may be hard, but it’s so important. With all the changes I’m going through, it’s the little things that make me feel sane and centered, and The Honest Company has me covered.

During pregnancy, I was careful to keep my skin moisturized and healthy. Pregnancy stretches everything (EVERYTHING) and if you don’t stay hydrated inside and out, you’re going to feel uncomfortable and deal with stretch marks that may have been preventable. The Honest Company’s Belly Balm is gentle and made from a unique blend of organic butters, botanicals & antioxidants. It’s perfect for soothing your skin (even eczema!) without any chemicals.Honest Co Belly Balm

Being a nursing mom, a great vitamin to keep on hand is the Lactation Boost from The Honest Company. It is a mix of Fenugreek, Fennel and Milk Thistle, all ingredients that will boost your milk production naturally. Not having to stress about feeding my baby and providing enough nourishment helps to keep me in tune with my new “Go with the Flow” mantra!Honest Co Lactation Plus

Nursing also does a number on your nipples. Not even going to beat around the bush on this one. Babies have suction capabilities that can make life unbearable those first few weeks and it’s very important to care for your nipples. Because baby is putting them into their mouths, being as natural as possible is so important, so thank goodness for the Nipple Balm from The Honest Company. Rub it on right after feedings to soothe the aches and stings naturally with natural oils and butters you will feel good about using on your skin and near baby’s mouth.Honest Co Nipple Balm


You can find so many wonderful The Honest Company products now at Target, making them easier to buy and take home (because we’re all at Target a few times a week anyway, right?!). Isn’t it great that more natural and organic products for moms and babies are so much easier to come across now? I love it! Check your local Target to see what awesome Honest products they have in stock!