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Taking Care of Mommy And Baby NaturallyTaking care of your baby is so important to every mom and it starts in pregnancy. Making sure to stay hydrated, being careful what we eat and don’t eat, staying out of hot tubs  (even though that would feel AMAZING, am I right?) and making sure to take your prenatal vitamins. 

Vitamins are something I’m terrible about. I have a hard time remembering to take them, but during pregnancy I make it a priority to take my vitamins because it’s not just me I’m affecting anymore. Prenatal vitamins are essential in growing your new little one. They help in baby’s growth and your health and shouldn’t be missed.

Easier said than done when you find out that prenatal vitamins make you sick. This was my problem with my second and third pregnancies, as it is for many women. Rather than skip the vitamin altogether, I worked with my obstetrician to come up with a vitamin mix to replicate the important functions of the prenatal vitamin without making me sick. Lucky for you, Honest Company has come out with a Prenatal Complete Once Daily Vitamin that is made with B6 and Ginger to be more gentle on our unsettled tummies so that we can take just one vitamin and get the nutrients we need!

The Honest Prenatals are made from bioavailable forms of the nutrients needed…meaning natural! They add in some probiotics (more tummy help!), antioxidants, and superfoods to give you and baby only the best.Honest Company now offers Prenatal vitamins, perfect for a mom to be and postpartum!Once baby is here, skip the chemicals and diaper rash and pick up Honest Diapers at Target!Fun Honest Co Diaper DesignsWe love the Honest Diapers in our home because they are super absorbent without bothering my baby’s sensitive skin, and they’re adorable to boot!Honest Diapers


So many of the designs Honest offers are now available at Target, making it easy to pick them up when you need them! In fact, Target carries a large amount of Honest products to make it easier for you to take care of baby AND mommy naturally!


This post is sponsored by Honest Company and Target, but all opinions are my own.