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My son is a wild child, which means bath time sometimes results in not just a wet child, but a soaked mom and a soaked bathroom. I’ve been on the search for a toy that will keep him entertained and not treating the bathtub as a swimming pool. That’s why I am so excited about the Tubby Table! The Tubby Table is a brand new (and when I mean new, I mean just released in November!) bath toy.

Picture 30

Tubby Table boasts:

Tubby Table‘s flat surface allows for endless play with included cups or with your child’s own toys. Features and benefits include:

  • Educational: teaches colors, shapes and numbers
  • Helps children develop fine motor skills
  • 5 removable cups for bath time fun, pouring and stacking
  • Two kids can play together in the bathtub
  • Suction cup holds the Tubby Table to the bottom of your bathtub
  • Non-slip bathtub mat keeps your child safe during play
  • Children can use their own favorite bath toys to play
  • Height adjustable pedestal allows the table to grow with your child

My son is three years old and has used the Tubby Table every bath since getting it. Every time he uses it, he finds another way to be inventive with it. Sometimes when he plays with it, putting the cups in the holes and counting them. Other times, he fills the cups and carefully balances them on the whole upside-down. This takes a little more concentration and effort on his part! He always loves filling and emptying water, which the 5 cups are great for.

Here’s a video of his very first time using the Tubby Table:

Tubby Table in Action from Erin on Vimeo.

Did you notice how calm Christopher is in the video? There’s not water flying everywhere, he’s not swimming in the tub and I’m dry enough to take a video! Success! I love how he took the initiative to count the cups. After placing the cups upside-down, Christopher added little bath creatures to each cup, pretending they were in their own pools. The opportunities for play really are not limited to the basics of the 5 cups and holes.

The Tubby Table has a large suction cup to stay secure in the tub. I was nervous the table would still slide around because sometimes suction cups don’t work very well. Not with the Tubby Table! The table has been used time after time without any sliding around at all.

Picture 9

The only downside of the Tubby Table is the size of it. We only have one bathroom, so the family shares, and there’s no easy way store the Tubby Table. Our family is still trying to figure out the best solution to this because the Tubby Table is worth the size if it means fun, education, and a dry bathroom!

Tubby Table is out just in time for whatever holiday your family celebrates or could be the perfect purchase right now if your child is anything like mine!

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I was given the Tubby Table to review, but all opinions are strictly my own.