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Raise your hand if you’ve stepped on a Lego, wooden block or any other sharp or hard child’s toy—OUCH! I’ve done that more times than I’d like to admit! Hopefully my days of stepping on toys, at least my daughter’s Legos, have come to an end thanks to one simple, yet genius toy—the Swoop Bag.

“As a graphic designer and a mother of two busy boys, I wanted a bag that was simple and well-made, and would make clean-up time a little easier. With an eye for modern and clean design, I’ve designed Swoop bags to last using the highest quality cotton canvas and nylon cording. Swoop bags are durable, simple, colorful, and fun!” —Sarah Kirk, owner

This bag is perfect for any family for many reasons.

  • Makes clean-up time a breeze!
  • It’s made out of a sturdy, thick canvas. Sure to outlive even the wildest of children!
  • They come in a variety of colors to match any child’s bedroom.
  • Swoop Bags can be used for just about any kind of toy!

The concept behind the Swoop Bag is simple. It’s a bag that holds toys, yet lays flat for playing. When play time is over, pull the nylon strings up which swoops up all the toys in one motion, into one bag. What better way to keep toys organized and easy to clean up!?

I received a Swoop Bag just in time for two consecutive weekends of travel. Traveling with a toddler means picking out toys, books and stuffed animals for the trip. You have to figure out how pack the toys, transport them and keep them relatively contained while on the road. The Swoop Bag is your answer! I laid the bag flat and had my son help throw in some of his favorite toys, books and stuffed animals. It was packed full of blocks, many board books, stuffed animals and some other toys. I swooped it up and found there was still room for more! I couldn’t believe the amount of toys the SWOOP Bag can hold!

When we got to our hotel, I simply untied the strings which made the bag flat on the floor again. My son actually sat right on the bag, using it as if it was a play mat! Perfect! You never know how clean hotel floors really are, right? I was so glad I had the Swoop Bag to take on the two trips.

The Swoop Bag has also found a home with my daughter, our resident Lego lover. I am so thrilled to not be finding little Lego blocks or Lego people all over the house anymore. Plus, with a toddler in the house, it’s important that my tween keeps her Legos contained. She likes to build in the living room after her brother is in bed, but used to leave Legos stranded everywhere. Not anymore! The Swoop Bag is a lifesaver! Check them out online or like them on their Facebook page! It’s currently SWOOP Bag’s one year anniversary and they are offering 30% off! Head over to their website today!

I received this product to review, but all opinions are my own!