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Earlier last year we adopted our dog, Blue. The minute we saw her we knew that she was the dog that was meant for us and my kids instantly connected with her. Blue had been abused and traveled states to find a forever home and we were so glad we could be the family to give her the love and security she needed.


Transitioning to living with a dog has been both fun and challenging. The amount of hair that gets everywhere has been one thing I am still trying to get used to. I feel cleaning my floors has been the most exhausting part of owning a dog. No matter what I do, the dog hair always comes back and the sweeping never ends. After cleaning my floors with Swiffer products for the last couple weeks I am now wondering why I didn’t try it sooner. 

Not only am I able to sweep my floors with ease, but I no longer have to scrub my laminate flooring while kneeling on the ground. I can stand up and keep my posture. Swiffer products are also safe for pets and actually make cleaning up after Blue quick and efficient so I can spend more time playing with her on the floor versus cleaning them.

Being an advocate for adopting pets, I was so happy to hear that Swiffer is supporting The American Society  for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA) in a year-long effort to help find homes for animals in need and help make the challenges of cleaning up after a pet less of a concern after adoption. The brand will donate Big Green Boxes just like yours to more than 100 shelters nationwide and will gift each of an estimated 7,000 pet adopters with a free Swiffer Sweeper during the ASPCA Mega-Match-A-Thon the weekend of October 17-19.

In effort to help spread the word I was so excited that not only did Swiffer send me one of their generous Big Green Boxes, but sent me a second box to surprise a deserving friend  as well.

Our close family friend Perla was perfect for this! She is an owner to three dogs, has two children of her own, and also runs a day care. She probably eats, sleeps and breathes cleaning and I knew Swiffer could help take the cleaning stress away and help her with her every day chores.


Meet her fun loving dogs Snoopy, Abby, and Chance.

Swiffer Pets

According to the Swiffer Cleaning Index, half of Americans say that concerns about pet hair and shedding in their home is one of the top reasons they worry about getting a pet, wouldn’t get a pet or don’t have one. More than one third (38 percent) of pet owners also say the leading source of “pet cleaning tensions” in their home is hair, dust bunnies and/or shedding. Whether you already have a pet or are considering a new one, Swiffer can help with the every day cleaning challenges.


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