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Fall Wardrobe

My family has been quickly growing over the last few years, and our home is feeling smaller and smaller with each new baby we welcome! Space in our house is limited and so it is oh so important that we keep our closets filled with only the clothes we will need. Problem is, I have a wardrobe problem for me and for my kids. A problem in that each of our seasonal wardrobes could fill a closet! Winter, Spring, Summer and fall each has it’s own collection of clothes in each of our closets, and we have the rest of the seasons stored in big tubs hanging in our garage.


This week we started to swap our summer clothes out for fall/winter clothes (and I might have gotten a little emotional swapping out my youngest’s clothes as I realized he’s not a baby anymore!) and when I opened each of our tubs from storage, I was overwhelmed by the stale smell of garage and sawdust.

You don’t even want to know how many loads of laundry I did this week. On top of our usual amount of laundry, I added in all of the stored clothes we had taken out and I pretty much was folding laundry like it was my full time job. We were asked to try out Tide, Downy and Bounce products and this was a great opportunity to do that!

Lots of Laundry

I started each load in our washer with Tide Original and April Fresh Ultra Downy, then swappped the loads over to the dryer with Outdoor Fresh Bounce Dryer Sheets.

The stale smell is long gone from all of our fall clothes, and they are fresh and ready to wear!

I’ll admit that I’m a fabric softener newbie. I’ve NEVER used it and didn’t understand the need…until I used it this week. Oh my heavens our clothes smell SO good, and are super soft! There was such a difference from my previous loads of laundry!

The sheets of Bounce added extra freshness and keep the static at bay in all of our bulkier static prone clothes!

When you start to swap out your wardrobe from summer to fall, make sure to wash your clothes to freshen them up after sitting all year and don’t forget to include Tide, Downy and Bounce in your laundry routine! They are an amazing team that will keep your clothes fresh and smelling as great as possible!



  • For over 65 years, Tide® has been caring for the clothes of American families and helping to provide the everyday miracle of clean clothing.
  • The Acti-Lift formula found in Tide Original is designed with ingredients to help provide deep cleaning of fibers, break-up dry stains, and provide a whiteness boost.
  • Tide products are specially formulated to remove soil and stains from fabrics
  • Tide is also made with special enzymes that provide a deep clean to fibers by binding to protein-based stains, trapping and removing them.
  • Tide also has whiteness boosters that give a great whiteness result even in just one wash.

Ultra Downy April Fresh: 

  • Our fresh, blooming favorite makes all your fabrics silky soft. Ultra Downy April Fresh liquid fabric softener provides an entire week of motion – activated freshness with just one wash. Plus, it’s formulated with SilkTouch™ for softness so silky—it’s like a fabric upgrade in a bottle†.
  • SilkTouch™ formulation infuses fabrics with a silky softness that makes your everyday fabrics (and you) feel fabulous
  • Renews freshness over time with Renewing Scent Pearl technology
  • Gives you 7 days of motion activated freshness with just one wash
  • Fights against pesky static cling
  • Helps reduce wrinkles*

 Dryer Sheets Outdoor Fresh:

  • Since the era of disco and bell-bottom pants, Bounce® dryer sheets have been freshening up laundry
  • In one small sheet, Bounce provides four amazing benefits: softening, freshening, static control, and they even help repel lint and hair from clothes
  • The Outdoor Fresh scent adds a big, smiley summer day to your laundry, and the house

 We are giving away a Laundry Package with a trio of Tide, Downy and Bounce for you to freshen up YOUR fall wardrobe!!! Simply comment below with where you store your out of season clothes and we’ll pick a random winner on Saturday, October 4th! (Giveaway ends midnight on 10/3/14)


Laundry Package Giveaway

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