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Summer break is upon us and so the traveling begins! Don’t let the stress of traveling with your toddler get to you. If there’s one thing I have learned over the year’s it’s how to travel with toddlers. Growing up I always knew that once I had children I wanted to travel the world with them. Whether it was flying to another country or road-tripping from state to state, I knew I wanted to expose my children to different cultures and adventures. As newborns, traveling was simple. They nursed and slept the majority of our trips, but as they turned into toddlers I realized traveling wasn’t all that pleasant anymore. I searched for different ways to entertain them and keep them busy during the flying and driving.

Here are some great tips on how to survive traveling with your toddler:

Get them their own luggage.

How to survice travel with your toddler

This seems like something so simple, but it is often overlooked. We found a love with our Trunki by Melissa & Doug.  There are so many reasons why we choose to travel with our Trunki. Not only is it the perfect size for toddlers to pull, but also they can fit a ton of their toys and snacks in it. I recommend letting them choose which toys they want to bring. Don’t let their age fool you, they know what they like and don’t like by now and this will save you some headaches from the tantrums. The Trunki is also great because if their little legs get tired from walking they can actually sit on top of the Trunki and can ride it while you pull. It’s pretty much a win-win!

Another great option for children is Skip Hops’ Zoo Luggage.


Depending on the length of the trip, we like to mix which luggage they use. For shorter trips like car rides, or overnight stays at the grandparents, we will use our Skip Hop luggage. For long flights with a layover, the Trunki is our best friend.

Snacks! Snacks! Snacks!


Did I mention snacks? There’s nothing worse than a hungry toddler. Pack nutrient-rich foods that are low in sugar and easy to eat on the go. Stay clear from sugary fruit snacks, chips, and candy bars. Look for items like pouched applesauce, bowls of fruit, pretzels, raw nuts, homemade trail mix, granola bars, etc.

Our favorite pouched applesauce is Tree Top. They make them in 4 different flavors: Apple, Mango Apple, Strawberry Apple, and Cinnamon Apple. Perfect for even the pickiest of eaters. Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouches are made from 100 percent real fruit and contain no artificial ingredients. In addition, Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouches feature BPA-free, resealable packaging and do not require refrigeration – so kids can enjoy them at any moment throughout the day. These have become quite the lifesaver since they leave no mess when we travel.


New Toys


Sure they packed their own toys they love, but the idea of getting a new toy on a long trip will have your toddler in complete bliss. We like to find an educational toy, something that will keep their little brains busy during the trip. Toys like Melissa & Doug’s Switch & Spin Magnetic Gear Board, wooden puzzles, reusable sticker pads, books and more. If going on a trip by car, wrap the gift and then at your first stop, let them unwrap! If going by plane, I recommend holding off on the new toy until mid-flight, that is usually when they start to get anxious.


Get the sillies out


This one is very important if traveling by plane. Often the airport will let families traveling with small children board first. While that may seem like an awesome thing to do, trust me, it isn’t. I recommend waiting until the end to board. Kids don’t have the patience like adults do waiting for everyone to get on the plane and board. Let your toddler run or walk around, stretch their legs, and wear them out before boarding the plane. It will save you, as well as the passengers on the plane, the headache.