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We are huge fans of Superheros at our house. Any excuse to use our imagination and go completely crazy is what we call a good time. I have been planning my sons 2nd birthday since before he was born, literally. By the time his birthday came I had everything planned out, pinned and designed in my head, ready to go. Some may call me crazy, some may call me over the top, but really I am just a crafty mom that enjoys seeing the smile on my children’s faces.  It is very true my son may not remember his second birthday, but I believe that every smile builds not only his character but him as a person.  I have always made a promise to take photos and document everything possible so that we have these days to look back on when my children grow up.

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I took my sons Super Hero Pictures for his invitations at a park near my house and ordered the invites through Dig it All Party Etsy.

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I purchased several items from Oriental Trading Company for the party. They have some really cute party accessories and it was more affordable to go that route than to make them on my own. This backdrop was one of them. One package came with two separate backdrops for only $16 and they were huge! I used one across the tables and the other for the photo backdrop. The clouds I cut out of white construction paper I found for $.99 at the dollar store and freehand drew the clouds then taped on.  The small buildings I made out of old boxes taped closed and wrapped with black wrapping paper I found at my local Hobby Lobby for only $2.50 (always use a half off coupon). I attached post-its I purchase at the dollar store for windows/lights and these were perfect!

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I used sticks and Comic Word Cutouts I found on pinterests to make photo props and they were perfect.

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Even the parents had fun with the photo booth!

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This adorable SUPER SIS shirt was from Sleepy Head Botique and is the cutest! You can order many custom shirts and this was perfect for the “big” sister to have something to wear too!

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We picked out Liam’s outfits from our favorite shops online! Liam’s custom made superhero tee is from All Ribboned Out. You can find the cutest custom birthday tees over at her shop. The lightening Harem pants were made at MiniEm and they have the cutest designs for trendy tots. You can check out scarfs, pants and beanies! We are obsessed with Moccasins! Liam’s yellow Moccasins were made by Tayts Shop and they come in so many colors for boys and girls.

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I purchased the large gold letters from Hobby Lobby as well as the small letters. They were the perfect accessory for the desert table.

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The cupcake tour I also purchased at Oriental Trading Company. It comes in a box and I was able to put it together in less than 5 minutes. They also sell the Cupcake toppers as well which were perfect!

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The batman cookies were so simple. I purchased the batman cookie cutter on Amazon and used sugar cookie dough. I dipped them in melted yellow Wilton chocolate from Michaels.

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We filled small glass vases we found at the dollar store with tons of Ring Pops. I was lucky that the party was after Halloween, so we were able to stock up on candy for the table and piñata for a really good price since everything was clearance. Target is my go to for Halloween Clearance items.

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One of my favorite things to make was the birthday cake! So simple, yet FUN. I made a simple vanilla cake with white frosting and dyed it yellow. The bottom is M&M’s but they did come off a little. Fore the décor I cut out several different comic book pieces I found on Pinterest. The number “2” was found at Hobby lobby and the lightening bolt was actually left over from the capes we made. It is a sticky glitter paper.

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This amazing sign was made by Ott Creatives and all of her work is fabulous! The Batman Sign is entirely hand-painted and hand-lettered (no vinyl), and stained to give it that distressed look. It was a hit a the party! Many parents wanted it for their children’s rooms.

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I purchased the red and blue gift boxes at Oriental Trading Company as well as the Large “WHAM” you see in the background. I found the superhero stickers on sale at Target in the Halloween section on clearance and they light up! I was able to get tons of cool toys clearance to put in the boxes as well as superhero fruit snacks.

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The batman bags are cotton candy which I found at my local dollar store.

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The Superhero color crayon rings I also found on Amazon and were perfect for toddlers.

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These cool Lollipops were also found at Oriental Trading Company and were the cutest. I used a cake pop stand I found on clearance at Michaels Craft store to put them in, it was in the Halloween section.

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We used part of the left over backdrop as a table cover for the children’s table, it was huge so we cut it in half and it worked out perfectly. Cups and plates all were purchased at the dollar store and the napkins are from Oriental Trading Company.

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All the capes were cut out of satin fabric I found at Joanne’s Fabric Store. I purchased a $1 cape at Target and used that to trace and cut out all the capes. There were 21 total and the lightening bolts were cut out of sticky foam paper I purchased at Hobby Lobby. I searched on the internet for a Lightening bolt printout and used that for free. I used sticky Velcro pieces to hold the capes together.


Liam’s custom cape is made by Pip & Bean, they make Superhero Capes that are simply amazing! His Superhero mask is made by Opposite of Far, so much imagination goes into each and every piece, they are truly one of a kind.

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After all the children had their capes on it was time to make a Mask. You know Superhero’s have to protect their identity too!

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We had two types of masks. Batman masks that I purchased at H&M for $3.95 a pack and I cut masks out of felt for the kids to decorate with stickers and stars.

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One of the kids favorite things to do was put on their Shwings!!! Superhero’s obviously need shoe wings to fly! They have all kinds from Velcro, snap on and lace Shoe Wings, they are great!

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Super Spy Glasses were made for all the kids out of Paper towel rolls cut in half and taped with yellow tape and comic book strips.

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All the children enjoyed our Super Tattoo Stand! The stand is cardboard and very easy to put together. You can buy them at Idea for $14.99!

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KaPow Corn was definitely a hit!

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After dinner the kids all head out for a Super Hero Egg hunt and piñata!

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Even a few of the adults enjoyed the capes!

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Cake time! This awesome Super hero Garland is from Crestline Creatives. Check out all her designs!

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We changed into our Super hero costume for the Cake. We snagged this for $3 after Halloween at Target!

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And its MILK time!

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All the children had a wonderful time, our Super Hero party was a Blast!