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little dude style

When I was pregnant with my son I was seriously dreading purchasing boy clothes. Everything I saw was covered in cars & sports. It definitely took me a little while to find stylish clothing for my son, but I was so glad when I did. Now, I can honestly say he dresses just as snazzy as my 5 year old daughter. It took me a while to find all the shops that sell cute clothing for boys. I realized I was going to the wrong places and that there is so much more out there then I even knew about. I’m a huge fan of thrift shopping and sales! I shop sales every chance I get. It allows me to spend the money on the items I know I cannot get cheaper or on sale. I put together a list of my top 20 stores and brands for your little dude. You really can have just as much fun dressing up your boy as you do your girl. You just have to know where to go!


Gap Kids is definitely my go to for the cutest Pajamas & Sweaters. I also like to frequent their sales as well. I try to purchase seasonal clothing a size up for the following year when they are on Clarence. For example, I can snag some Halloween Pajamas for 70% off online after the holiday and save for the next year. I’m saving and we stay original because not many people have or remember last years styles. Gap also runs sales all the time, so keep an eye out for that 30% off, it really helps.



I literally check H&M’s website everyday for new arrivals. Their clothes are so affordable and stylish, they are my go to for both of my children. I just love that they have the cutest tees starting at only $4.95. Some of my favorites at H&M are skinny jeans, cardigans and band tees. Check out their sales to get even better deals. I am a huge fan of buying up a few sizes in seasonal items and packing them for the following year.



My tip when purchasing boy clothing at H&M is their sizes do run a little big. For example I purchased 18M jeans for my 22 month old and they will still probably not fit for several months. The quality is great though and I am a huge fan of recycling, so when he does grow out of his jeans, I will cut into shorts and use for the summer. Still stylish and and its like getting two for one.


Hanna Anderson  has the most amazing quality clothes for kids. I still have a pair of pajamas I purchased my son over a year ago that look brand new after being washed several times. The clothing is a little pricy, but I like to shop their sales and take advantage of the seasonal items that do get clearanced out.


nordstromsNordstrom, you had me at free shipping! One of my favorite place to shop out of all. Free shipping all the time and they always have the best sales. Some of my favorite brands I like to shop for is Converse, Hunters, Volcom, RVCA and Hershel co. I also like that I can purchase for family or friends and still receive the free shipping right to their home. I have scored Hunters boots at 40% off as well as other items. Check out their Sale section for the best deals.

old navy

Old Navy is my go to for Boys Cardigans, Skinny Jeans & Pajamas. They have always stock the latest trends and styles. I prefer to shop online as they do carry a larger variety than in store.

old navy1

I also like to shop seasonal sales as well at Old Navy and pack the clothes away for the following year. I have purchased Christmas and Halloween Pajamas at 80% off online and saved for the following year. Such a good idea if you can guess your child’s size they will need.


zara4Zara, oh I love you! Why I love Zara? Even though they got rid of their free shipping for any purchase, they have the most original and cutest styles for boys. Some of my favorites are their trousers and tees. They also carry adorable sweaters and accessories.


 Check out Zara’s Look book online for stylish outfit ideas.


Who says boys can’t accessorize their outfits too? I just love a little boy in a scarf and bow tie! Here are some of my favorite accessories Zara carries, though they are always updating the website with the best trends. They are also very reasonable in price. Many Scarfs and hats start at $14.95.




I am a huge fan of Zara’s Leggings! They always come out with the best designs and they are very affordable starting at $14.95 a pair.

bandi bibs

I absolutely love the perfect Bandana Bib to pair with any boys outfit. LaPetite Covers makes the most stylish little bibs for boys. She has so many options on her Etsy Page and they are a great deal.



Target, I love everything about Target, especially their kids clothes. My favorite brands they carry are Cherokee & Genuine Kids. Not only are they very affordable but they are so stylish and durable.


The Tea Collection offers unique and amazing quality in clothing. They do run a little more on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for in the quality. This is where shopping sales really comes in handy.


I also and a huge fan of companies that help others. The Tea Collection also works with The mission of The Global Fund for Children helping children and youth around the world as well as donating to schools.


Mini Boden is a great way to buy quality, stylish clothing for your children. The colors and designs are so awesome and perfect for children. I am a huge fan of the material their clothes are made out of and how comftorable they are for children.




Most children are very hard on their clothing and it can be frustrating. It’s great to find clothing that can be washed without fading or falling apart. Quality is a big deal in our house.


6pm is my go to for kids shoes. Not only do they offer amazing discounts daily but they always have free shipping which is on top of the sales makes any deal amazing. They also offer clothing as well discounted. I love 6pm for Hunters, converse and boys skate tee’s/hats. The shipping is also very fast!

lucky brand

Lucky Brand has stylish Rocker Edge clothing for kids. I frequent their sales online and clearance for awesome deals and will sometimes buy a size up for the following year. Lucky Brand always has free shipping!

show wings

Want to style those plain shoes? Check out Shwings! They are so awesome, every kids loves them. Shwings has several different styles for all kinds of shoes including velcro and laces. They turn ordinary shoes into superhero shoes. I have had so many people ask where we have purchased my sons shoes and they are surprised when I tell them they are add ons and only $8.95.


J.Crew has awesome styles for boys. I am in love with the simplicity of their styles. I always shop the Sale section at J.Crew, combined with free shipping on children’s clothes, you can find great deals at an extra 30-40% off online.



Mini & Maximus is bringing back cool with their original and whimsical designs. Wearable art and earth-friendly fabrics, your little dudes will be the best dressed on the playground.


slyfox threads

SlyFox Threads is such an awesome shop to pickup original styles for little guys. It is so hard to not buy one of everything! SlyFox Threads recently came out with some new styles above, check them out!


whistle and flute

Whistle & Flute is an online shop located in Cananda. They offer dapper clothes for little kids and I really love the different styles they offer. The clothing is very soft and durable. I have a few tees that have been through the washer several times and still look good as new.

freshly picked


You want the cutest little shoes that go with any outfit for your baby boy or toddler? You need to check out Freshly Picked Moccasin! You will not regret the comfort and style these little Moccs have to offer. Moccasins are durable, well designed, and most importantly: stay on your child’s foot. They are secured with an elastic around the ankle that makes putting them on little feet so easy for both of you.



Prefresh is a lifestyle brand of custom made goods for little kids made by a couple in Oregon. They offer some of the most original designs and the quality is fantastic!



Stella McCartney Kids line is stylish! With cashmere knit cardigans and contrasting colors, you get the best quality and they really know how to deliver with trendy designs for your little ones.


yo gabba gabba

Up and Riding has exclusive skate/surf clothing just for kids. They have stores in Hawaii but you can purchase all their awesome clothing here online.