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Lately, my three year old son has been getting out of bed within minutes of us tucking him in to go out to the hallway and turn on the light. He has always slept with complete darkness and his door closed, but for some reason this new comfort of having the hall light on has become our new normal.

So naturally, I was thrilled to check out the new Step 2 Glo Buddy Turtle Night Light recently.

This adorable little buddy is made to blend in with and child’s bedroom or playroom, is super durable and easily wiped clean from any sticky finger marks, and is able to be plugged in OR used with batteries for portable use!

Miles immediately took his new turtle in as a pet! He named him Charlie and makes sure to say hi to him daily. He loves that Charlie changes colors when he’s lit up, and that he can choose to keep the colors changing or pick one color and keep it that way.

I love that it automatically shuts off after 15 minutes, so I know it will be off soon after the little guy falls asleep. I also love that it is easily cleaned, because my son tends to run in there before I can wipe off his hands after a snack or meal!

The Glo Buddy Turtlle lights up in red,


and blue

and automatically switches through the three colors when lit. There is a ‘hold’ button on the bottom that when pressed it will stay on the color it is lit with!

The led light fixture need to be installed into the bottom of the turtle before the first use, and the screws were a little hard to get into the plastic, but that was the ONLY downside to this adorable little night light!

Here are the awesome features of the Glo Buddy Turtle Night Light:

  • Over sized night light works on the floor or dresser, colorful LED’s produce soft color changing glow
  • This light is durable and easy to clean – great for any child’s room, playrooms and more
  • Changes colors from green to red to blue
  • Automatic shut off after fifteen minutes when using battery power
  • AC adapter included
  • Color changing long lasting LED’S

We no longer have the nightly hallway trips minutes after tucking the little man in, because he feels comfort from the soft glow his Charlie makes in his bedroom.

Check out the new Step2 Glo Buddy Turtle Night Light for your little one, you’re sure to love it!

*We received the Glo Buddy Turtle for review purposes, but opinions are strictly my own.