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Easy Steer Sportster Review

My family goes for walks pretty much every night unless it’s raining or we have plans. I had been baby wearing our youngest for all of our walks, but he had been actively trying to look around more and wanting to be a little more interactive, so I started looking for options for him to feel a little more “grown up” for our family walks.

I came across Step2‘s line of push cars and knew that was exactly what we were looking for! One of their newest editions, the Easy Steer Sportster has an upgrade of an added 5th wheel that makes pushing and turning it a breeze!

Our first outing with the Easy Steer Sportster was too much fun, both for him and for me! The joy on my little car enthusiast’s face (even at 8 months old!!) was so much fun I couldn’t handle it! The steering wheel for his gives him a great spot to hold on while he pretends to race his sportster, and he loves the beeping horn on it. The dash also includes a fake radio!

Easy Steer Sportster Dash

I loved the freedom that riding in the Easy Steer Sportster gave him as well as the comfort I felt with how safe he was. With a seat belt as well as a curved back on the seat, he was secure even though he himself is still a little wobbly during movement!

The two cup holders (one for you in the handle, one for them on the dash) are great perks, and we tend to put cups of snacks in his cup holder which makes him even happier!Easy Steer Sportster

The “hood” opens up for storage and access to pull the 5th caster wheel up out of the way if you are navigating a rougher terrain like grass or rocks. My older son likes to put his park toys into the hood, but it’s also a great spot for diapers/wipes for a longer walk!

Easy Steer Sportster Hood

This car is so easy a smooth to push, and with the Step2 Whisper Wheels, it isn’t loud and obnoxious when it rolls through the neighboorhood!Easy Steer Movement

We like to take our Sportster to the park, and sometimes that means in the car. No worries if you want to take yours along, the handle unocks and folds under to fit easily into your car’s trunk!

Easy Steer Sportster Folded



Step 2 has a great line of ride on toys, check them all out to find out which will fit your little one!

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