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Rooftop decks make the perfect party spaces.


It’s that time of year again—Independence Day! It’s time to celebrate America, summer and making it half way through the year without your kids giving you a nervous breakdown (just kidding!).

When it comes to throwing parties, July 4 is the best holiday for one—good weather, a day off of work and an opportunity to barbecue—what’s not to love?

If you’re thinking about throwing a Fourth of July bash this year, here are a few tips to make it one your friends and family will never forget!


Where you hold your party depends on how many people you invite. If you’ve got a great back yard or deck and are inviting a couple dozen friends and family, that will be perfect! But maybe you want a little larger crowd and don’t want the mess at your house. Look around at local parks and reserve a shelter for the afternoon.


Time to bust out the grill! Burgers and dogs are always a hit, but if you’re looking for some festive ideas, try one of these:

• Patriotic fruit salad: Strawberries, blueberries and marshmallows! Sound a little weird? Not if you’re a kid! Throw a few mini marshmallows in with the fruit and watch the kiddos gobble it up!

• Mini cupcake flag: Bake up a batch of mini cupcakes, frost them red, white and blue and create your flag! This easy dessert is great for a crowd.

• M&M centerpiece: Click here to see how to make this festive (and edible) table topper.

• Sweet treats: These easy-to-make sugar cookies are pretty and delicious. Or, try these festive and simple treats!

• Blue and red munchies: Put out blue corn chips with red salsa; fruit kebobs with strawberries, bananas and blueberries; blue and red gelatin cut into stars; and brownies frosted with blue icing and topped with raspberries.


It’s not a party without a few festive cocktails! Try one of these:

• Kiddie Cocktail: Make a punch with cranberry juice and 7Up. Freeze some blueberries and raspberries and float them in the punch.

• Patriotic Daiquiri: Garnish your standard strawberry daiquiri with a few raspberries and blueberries for a little July 4 flair.

• Easy, Breezy Ready-to-Serve Cocktails: Mixing drinks and manning a barbecue AND chasing after kids can be a bit much, even for the best multi-tasker! Although I love a good cocktail, I’m not real fond of mixing them up for a crowd. I’m not that confident in my mixology skills, and everyone always seems to want a different drink. Another drawback to cocktails is the calories—they are delicious, but they can put a real dent in your diet.

Fortunately, Bacardi Classic Cocktails Light, a new line of low-calorie drinks, has taken care of all my concerns. These pina colada and mojito flavored-cocktails are ready to serve and only 95 calories! Woo hoo! Bring ’em on!


For gatherings like these, it’s nice to have activities set up for the little ones while the adults eat, drink and be merry. Here are a few great ways to keep the kiddos occupied for a few hours:

• Water fun: Set up a water table, kiddie pool and/or sprinkler so the kids can cool off. Or try one of these ideas.

• Activity center: Set up a table (or two) with activities for a variety of ages. Supply coloring books, crayons, a box of toys, puzzles, books and squirt guns for the kids to play with.

• DIY dessert station: Leave some plain sugar cookies, bowls of frosting and sprinkles at a table for kids to create their own patriotic dessert. Warning: You—or another adult—will probably need to supervise this activity.

BACARDÍ Classic Cocktails Light is a new line of low calorie, ready to serve cocktails. At less than 95 calories for a 4-ounce serving, BACARDÍ Classic Cocktails Light is available in Pina Colada and Mojito flavors and is made with natural flavors, real juice and pure cane sugar. Whether enjoying a favorite cocktail after a long day or throwing a party, BACARDÍ Classic Cocktails deliver classic cocktail taste that’s a hit with friends, won’t add inches to your waistline and won’t take all day to prepare.


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