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We love St Patricks Day celebrations and we also love milkshakes-it’s about time we combined the two for the ultimate EXTREME leprechaun milkshake! I asked my boys what they love about St Patricks Day and the answers were: green, Lucky Charms, rainbows, gold, hats. That last one was my youngest’s suggestion, I think he was picturing leprechauns. We took the rest of the suggestions and created the most fun milkshake to enjoy on March 17th! We had to steer clear of the traditional mint milkshake that most people make around this time of year because my kids hate mint (more Thin Mints for mama!) so we opted for a pistachio shake that is delicious! This is meant purely as a fun idea, not at all as a recipe, tweak as needed for your own taste.

Start by sorting out the rainbow and leprechaun hat (is that what the green ones are?) marshmallows from a box of Lucky Charms.

Then, rub a small amount of water on one side of a marshmallow and press it onto your glass until it sticks. Some break and that’s ok-just remove it and rub the smudging off of the glass and retry.

Next, mix a splash of milk into a cup of powdered sugar and stir to create a thick icing. Dip your cup into the icing at an angle to really cover the top, then let your cup rest to let the icing drip down the sides but not long enough to dry.

Dip the iced rim into gold sugared sprinkles, then pour extra sprinkles onto the icing until it gets completely covered by the gold.

To make our milkshake, I used pistachio ice cream with a little green and yellow food coloring (some pistachio ice creams are white, some are green) and a small amount of milk. You can use any white ice cream for this really, we just love pistachios and since they’re green we figured they’d make for the perfect green themed milkshake.

Top that beautiful shake with whipped cream. We added sour rainbow tape candy, a candy gold coin and rainbow cotton candy to perfect our masterpiece.

My kids minds were BLOWN with this super fun treat that is everything they think of with St Patrick’s Day! We hope that you and your kiddos enjoy these festive treats!