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I recently downloaded the free iPad app Squiggles! by Lazoo! It is the very first app I have put on the iPad for my 18 month old-and let me tell you-he loves it! No one in my house can get out the iPad without him running over to it and saying, “Squiggles! Squiggles!”

Squiggles! is an app that any toddler who understands touching an iPad screen can use. There are a variety of scenes to choose; from cars and rocket ships to birds and lollipops. Simply choose the scene, draw squiggles and watch the picture come to life! Cars drive! Birds hatch eggs! Children lick lollipops! You don’t have to be a fantastic artist or be able to enjoy Squiggles! Any type of squiggle on the screen will do. This makes it the perfect app for a young toddler. Touching the screen equals simple success! My son’s favorite scene is the bird scene. He especially enjoys the extra surprise when all the eggs hatch!

Toddler Squiggles Fun!

The best part about Squiggles! is that not only does my toddler son enjoy it, but my tween daughter and I also like it! I’ve walked in the room to find her playing it when my son was no where in sight. Her favorite feature is the blank page where you can draw anything you choose and watch it spring alive. Sometimes you try a toy or game that your child loves, but you secretly hope they will quickly lose interest in. Squiggles! is not it! You will love playing Squiggles! over and over again with your child. And did I mention it is a free app?! 

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