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Spring officially starts March 20th this year and I am already organizing my to-do list for spring cleaning. I don’t know if it’s the mom in me, or the fact that I accumilate so much now that I am older, but I actually look forward to doing my annual spring cleaning every year.

Because I have trained myself to become a little OCD about how I clean and organize, I thought I would  give you some tips on making your spring cleaning this year a lot more efficient, because let’s face it… who really has time to spend all day (or two) cleaning non-stop?

Here are some tips that have helped me every year.

1. Create a plan. Seriously, this is important in reducing the time you spend cleaning. I like to break my days up by tacking one room/object a day. I typically start in my bedroom and work my way through the house, but feel free to start in whichever room you want to first. I do recommend creating a checklist for each day to hang up on your fridge so you can cross off each thing daily until your home is decluttered and ready for those beautiful spring days.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

2. Only certain items need to be cleaned weekly and even monthly. No need to stress on items like the inside of the oven or deep cleaning your mattress and pillows, you can do that every 6 months.

3. Create a different mood. This may seem silly, but think about the spring and summer months ahead. You can easily lighten up your home by adding new accent pillows for the couch, switching out your comforter with a new textile, and even changing out the towels in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Target comforter

4.  Replace your bstteries in your smoke detectors. Ideally you should replace the batteries every 6 months, and I like to do them during my spring cleaning days. You can do them all in one day or replace as you work through each room. Either way, make sure you are replacing them every 6 months.

5. Use these easy to follow tips on how to clean your stove grates, glass shower doors, and grout!