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Pay it forward and Spread The Love! Great Neighbor gift idea!With Valentine’s Day around the corner and the uncomfortable conflict between friends family and neighbors lately, we thought it would be a good time to spread the love.

I am a firm believer in a good surprise. I believe that surprising someone can improve their day immediately and leave them with a smile. I love to show up at a friends’ house with a gift I found that made me think of them, bring cookies to the neighbor for no reason and even simple surprises like leaving encouraging notes in my son’s lunchbox. And when I am surprised? My day has been made!

If you’re wanting to show some love to someone in your life, what better than to surprise them with an anonymous treat? Can you imagine opening your door to this?!Valentine's Gift idea for neighbors

It can be anything you want -for this love basket I included wine, chocolate and nuts but you could do anything like candy, flowers, a drawing or framed quote…anything you know will make them smile. Leave it on their doorstep with our free printable and walk away knowing you just added a little sunshine in their day and yours!Share the Love Neighbor Gift

The printable note then asks them to pay it forward to two of their friends, making the web of love spread far and wide.

The happy possibilities are endless when you spread the love. Who will you spread the love to?

Click on the image below to print our Spread The Love note: