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Who doesn’t love to have fun with water in the summer! Read on for some of my favorite ways to get wet and wild on a hot summer day with my children! You will win the Best Mom on the Block award if you throw a Water Fun Party with these ideas!

Water balloon baseball

Take the old classic of baseball and give it a new twist! Use water balloons to throw instead of balls. We use the plastic bats you get at the dollar store. You get wet when you miss the balloon and it breaks on the ground. You get wet when you hit the balloon and it breaks all over you! Win, win!

Water balloon pinatas

Fill up some water balloons and hang them from trees outside. Let your kids (and maybe even you?) swing at them with bats!

Water balloon two person catch

Stand face to face just a few feet apart from your child and toss them a water balloon to catch. Both of you take a step back and toss again. Continue taking one step back until one of you misses!

Water balloon bowling

Fill empty pop bottles about 1/2 way full of water and set them up like bowling pins. Use water balloons to try to knock them over. You could also freeze the water balloons ahead of time and have hard bowling balls!

Water balloon drop

Have you ever done an egg drop? Same idea, only with water balloons! Create some kind of container or contraption to keep your balloon safe and drop it from a second story window. Don’t let it pop!

Fill the bucket

Using water sponges balls, which Martha Stewart has an easy tutorial for, take water from one bucket to fill another. I like to use an old two-liter pop bottle as the bucket to fill because I can cut the top off and use a Sharpie marker to draw a “fill line”.  Set up a bucket full of water and the empty container with a fill line across the yard from each other. Use the sponge ball to soak up water from the bucket, run across the yard and squeeze the sponge into fill container.

Water balloon target

Use chalk to draw a target on the sidewalk or driveway. Throw water balloons and keep score where you water balloon lands! Another variation of this is using a bucket that you have to throw the balloons into.

Water limbo

Use the hose to create a stream of water your children can limbo under!

Water balloon pop!

Give each child the same number of balloons. Then have them pop each balloon a certain way! One time, they could have to pop five balloons by stomping on them. Another time, have them break three balloons by squeezing them between their knees! Everyone will be laughing over this one!

Water classics

  • Play in the sprinkler
  • Throw water balloons at each other
  • Wash the car