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Solar Power Playtime

My family loves to go green. We love eco-friendly toys! That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to use the Magicforest Working Organic Wooden Farm Set.

Do you remember playing with Lincoln Logs as a child? Take yourself back to that time–that is what you will be remembering as you play with the Organic Farm Set! Did I say you? I meant as you play with your child plays with the Organic Farm Set because–trust me–you will enjoy playing with it just as much as your child does!


They latch together just like Lincoln Logs do! Only these are so much neater than Lincoln Logs EVER were! Let me tell you why:

  • They are organic-YAY!
  • This set comes with a solar powered working windmill! Woah!
  • They are way smoother.
  • They are easier to build with.
  • They are just awesome!

Need I say more? I am already sold!


I admit to being a bit of a saver–so I actually have my old Lincoln Logs from growing up. My son was so much more excited to build with the Lilac Organic Wooden Farm Set than he has ever been to play with Lincoln Logs. In fact, he has played with these time and time again since getting them!


The only downfall is, we haven’t set up the solar power roof. It’s the middle of a very gloomy season for us, so we just haven’t had the opportunity to use it. This hasn’t deterred my son in the least from enjoying building with the wooden farm set at all, though! He loves the farmer, car and dog, especially. I think they might be his favorite part.


Here is some more important information about the Working Organic Farm Wooden Set and where to buy it:

Using wood harvested from the Jura forest and assembled in France, the 145-piece Working Organic Farm (My Eco-Friendly Chalet) wooden toy set is a true inspiration for creative play among children. This imaginative construction toy set promotes hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills while educating youngsters about the importance of taking care of our environment. Beautifully crafted with highest level of details, this wonderful set comes with:

  • A solar panel for generating electricity.
  • Windmill that uses power generated by the solar panel.
  • Wooden pieces that have been tinted with kid-friendly dyes.
  • A garden where you can plant real seeds and watch them grow.
Suitable for children age 6-9.
Buy it HERE
Magicforest is a fun, amazing company. The more I read about them, the more I love them. I now follow them on Facebook and Twitter. You should, too! They are a very small company that truly loves children and loves what they do. What more can you ask for in a a company that creates children’s products?  With Magicforest, you can rest assured you’re finding high quality products that are suitable for your child. I know you’ll enjoy this farm as much as I did!
I received the wooden farm set review product, but all opinions are my own.