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Snow Paint-a rainbow of activities to do with color in the snowLooking for something fun, bright and different to do in the snow? My son loves playing outside, but the last thing I want to do most days in winter is put on snow stuff and get too involved in sledding, climbing or building in the snow. That’s when we decided to try snow paint.

We quickly discovered that snow paint doesn’t limit itself to one way to paint in the snow–rather, snow painting can take many forms! We tried a few different methods of snow painting.


  • Cups
  • Paintbrushes
  • Spray bottles
  • Food coloring
  • Cold water

Snow Paint Method 1:

The first and easiest way to paint the snow is spray paint! Put a few drops of water in a spray bottle, add water and let your child spray the snow different colors. *Don’t eat yellow snow! 🙂 IMG_5451

Snow Paint Method 2:

Another way we snow painted was painting using colorful water and paint brushes. Place a few drops of food coloring to cups, add cold water and paint away! For my son, he had the most fun painting in “splatter paint” method. It is best to use thick paint brushes when painting the snow with paint brushes. IMG_5458

Snow Paint Method 3:

Creating rainbow snow. This is by far my son’s snow painting activity. After he was done painting the snow with brushes, he filled each cup with snow, coloring the snow. He dumped the rainbow colored snow and started building with it. He had fun mixing all the snow colors around and ended up with a rainbow of snow everywhere!