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Are you an active mom who spends a lot of time outside? If so, the SnoozeShade Plus is a MUST HAVE product for this summer! The SnoozeShade Plus is the perfect stroller accessory to protect your baby from the sun and aid in napping. Like most moms, I am very concerned about exposing my son to the sun’s harmful UV rays. The SnoozeShade was the perfect solution for our family: the award-winning SnoozeShade blocks 98 percent of the sun’s harmful rays when the shade is closed for napping and 80 percent of UV rays when the mesh window is open for your child to view outside.

The SnoozeShade Plus is also perfect for moms with newborns since babies under six months should not wear sunscreen. I am expecting my second child this June and the SnoozeShade Plus will be a lifesaver for our family. We are always out and about with our toddler and we’ll need to make sure our newborn baby is comfortable and well-protected from the sun!

The SnoozeShade Plus is very easy to use. It’s a one-size-fits-all stroller accessory you can easily attach to any stroller or pram. The SnoozeShade is made of a breathable and lightweight fabric so your baby will be cool and comfortable underneath. My favorite feature of this product is the lookout window you can either zip up when your baby is napping or zip down for your child to look out and enjoy the view.

Here’s a video on how to use the SnoozeShade Plus on a stroller:


I knew I would be using the SnoozeShade during the day, but one thing I discovered is that it’s also helpful at night. Now that the weather is nicer, we’re often heading to barbecues or evening excursions, and this is the perfect solution for a tired toddler. When my son gets sleepy, I just put our SnoozeShade Plus on to create a dark environment, and he is fast asleep! It also helps to keep the summer bugs out, which is a big bonus for me since my child has sensitive skin.

The SnoozeShade Plus is perfect for you if you’re:

Spend a lot of time outside in the summer and need SPF protection for your child.

Looking to maintain your child’s nap and sleep schedules while away from home.

Looking for a sun shade that can grow with you through the years.

Looking for sun protection that will fit any stroller.

Looking to protect your child from bugs.

SnoozeShade Plus Product Features:

  • unique two-layer protection system
  • maximum-rated sun protection (UPF50+) shields baby from 99 percent of harmful UV rays
  • large mesh window allows baby to see out (and filters 80 percent UV)
  • Proven to help babies sleep (in blackout mode it blocks visual distractions and 94 percent of light)
  • Protects baby from sun, wind, light rain and insects throughout the year
  • Front zip lets you check on baby
  • Made from soft, stretchy breathable fabric
  • One size fits all single strollers including three-wheelers and flat-lying prams
  • Use from birth until approximately four years old
  • Quick to fit, easy to remove and folds up small
  • Endorsed by international baby sleep experts and approved by the INPAA (Infant & Nursery Association of Australia)
  • Machine washable

The SnoozeShade Company has won several awards for their innovative sunshade products including the 2012 Cribsie Award for best stroller accessory!

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