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We may have found the most incredible invention ever, seriously. So, when searching online for nightlights I came across the SnapRays Guidelights. I’m not sure why finding the best nightlight for my children was so hard but we have been searching for a while.


Right now I am in the process of sleep training my two year old, so having a light in the hallway was very important to me. I always found nightlights difficult because they light up the entire room so much that it is distracting for my daughter in the next room to sleep. The guidelights are bright enough to light your way but not distract or wake others. They turn off once the sun comes up and there is enough light in the room to see without them.

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SnapRays Guildelights replace your current outlet covers and they have three LED lights in the bottom. What I love about these is that they are instantly activated when the lights are turned off and they automatically turn off once another light is turned on, saving energy. The lights last for 25+ years and cost roughly ten cents a year in electricity,which is awesome!.

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The SnapRays Guidelights  do not overheat and you do not have to worry about turning them off like you would with your typical nightlight.  It took literally less than 5 minutes to install all three lights. All you need is a screw driver to take the old cover off and you pop the new one on, that simple.


The Guidelights come in two different outlet styles and you can order them on the SnapRays Guidelights Website.

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I have been waiting for something like these for so long and I am so excited to share. I’m sure these will be quite popular in the future. This is definitely a must have for parents with children!

* I received the SnapRay Guidelights for review, all opinions expressed are my own.