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I never realized how much my mattress was affecting my back until I became pregnant. With the added pressure of a baby, I was constantly waking up with a sore back. I figured after the baby was born, my soreness would minimize and I’d go back to sleeping moderately comfortable again (my mattress was never spectacular to begin with), but it didn’t. In fact, I am pretty sure I noticed how uncomfortable I was even more since I was waking up to frequently nurse my newborn. It wasn’t until I laid on a better mattress that I pinned pointed my back pain to my old mattress.

Over the past month I have been sleeping on the SleepOvation 700 Tiny Mattresses in One and it has been life changing for my sleep.

With SleepOvation’s 700 Tiny Mattresses in One you are literally sleeping on 700 tiny mattresses. This mattress is the brainchild of a dedicated team of sleep scientists and engineers with decades of experience developing many mattress inventions currently used throughout the industry, such as the multiple rate pocket spring system.

So what makes this mattress unlike any other mattress on the market?

Not only is SleepOvation’s mattress USA made, but it offers 700 Pressure Relief Points and is chiropractor endorsed. Their independent suspension on each of the mattress squares distributes body weight to relieve back pain, discomfort, and restlessness caused by sheet foam layers in other mattresses.


The cover’s miniature cushion pads provide an added level of comfort and the engineered air channels promote airflow, to maximize the “tiny mattress” technology. These sealed cushions also create air channels with cool and steady airflow management.

When ready to clean, the mattress offers a superior level of hygiene with its zip-off removable and washable cover, coupled with the ability to vacuum in-between each air channel so you can eliminate dust, bacteria, and allergens.


I will say, the mattress isn’t as firm as I had hoped, but I’ve learned while sleeping on it for this long that maybe a super firm mattress isn’t always the best thing for my back. I go to bed comfortable and wake up feeling refreshed, which is important for this mom of three.

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(I received a mattress to review, all opinions are my own.)