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This last week we put our PJ’s on and cape (not joking) to battle out bedtime with SleeperHero Toddlers and sleep are something that most parents and children struggle with at one time or another during the nighttime transition. My two year old Liam is a great sleeper, absolutely wonderful, when he is co sleeping next to me and nursing through the night. Liam’s ever so popular Olaf doll was quickly replaced when Sleeper Hero Arrived. We have gone through the soothing sea horse, the glow worm and nightlights, but none seem to be comforting enough for him to fall asleep in his own.

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SleeperHero comes in a magical blue box and is dressed up just like so, a little Super Hero. Inside of the SleeperHero box is not only the cutest little hero but an adorable and creative story about a little boy who is up through the night battling nighttime fears. The little boys SleeperHero doll has a little light on its chest that lights up red when it is night time and changes to green when it is time to wake up. The great thing about this is you can set the alarm on the back of the doll to work with your morning schedule. It’s not only a doll but an alarm clock all in one.

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It took a few days but Liam finally fell asleep with his doll in hand and in his own bed for the first night. We are still working on staying in bed all night, but this is a huge step in the right direction for us. SleeperHero is an awesome Storybook & doll with the loveliest illustrations and we are so excited to incorporate this into our bedtime routine. The great thing about Sleeper Hero is he can go with the child anywhere, not only just bedtime. My son is easily attached and this has become his new favorite doll.

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SleeperHero is such an awesome doll to help children transition into their own bedroom. If you are parent of little SuperHero’s you will want to check out this adorable doll and book. You can purchase the SleeperHero individual doll for $34.99 or the Storybook & Doll collection for $49.99 over at We are huge fans of the SleeperHero and I am sure you will be too.


* I received the SleeperHero for review, all opinions expressed in the article are my own.