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Going Green is so much fun with Skip Hop’s reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags. If you have children then reusable bags are a must! Skip Hop’s reusable snack bags are great because you are not only saving money, but the environment everyday you use them. These eco-friendly bags help reduce the amount of trash we put into our landfills on a daily basis and aren’t they the cutest!

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One of my favorite things about these bags is they are made with a food-safe water-resistant interior. The Zipper is very sturdy and helps control spills. The reusable bags are perfect for children learning to eat independently and on the go .They are also SO easy to clean which is a huge plus for me when I am out with my kids.

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The set comes with 2 snack bags, a snack pouch that stands on its own and a sandwich size bag. Both fit perfectly into the Zoo Lunchie. I have purchased several reusable snack bags before and the Skip Hop bags are much larger in comparison, which I prefer. I have also washed both snack bags three or more times in the washing machine and have not seen any problems. They always come out clean and looking just like new unlike some bags I have used in the past


You have many options to choose from with the Zoo collection including the matching backpacks.

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skip hop (2 of 2)

We take our snack bags with us everywhere, car rides, to the park, the zoo and anytime we are traveling. They are so convenient and I love that with the bright colors we never lose them. I highly recommend the Skip Hop Zoo Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bag Set for all parents and children.


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