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Welcome to Simply Summer School—weekly activities and tips to keep your child learning and engaged over the summer vacation gap! Try out this week’s tips and activities to get your child motivated to keep learning!

Weekly Activities: Activities to do in the dark!

This week’s Simply Summer School article is FULL of activities to do in the dark with your kids! The best thing about doing these activities is that your kids won’t even realize that they are learning because they will be having so much fun—and so will you!

Make a SPARK with Wintergreen Lifesavers

If you’ve never eaten Wintergreen Lifesavers in the dark before, you’re in for a surprise! This is fun to do with another person, but you can also do it in a dark room facing a mirror (the bathroom works for this!). Stand facing your child, close together in a very dark room (no light would be best). On the count of three, both of you crunch a Wintergreen Lifesaver with your mouths open. The wintergreen oil and sugar combining during the chewing makes an electrical spark!

Draw in the dark with glow sticks!

Use glow sticks to draw pictures and have other people guess what you’ve drawn! It’s also just fun to play with glow sticks in the dark.

Tell ghost stories

Get some flashlights and sit around the living room or around a fire to tell some ghost stories. Your children won’t even realize that they are working on their story-telling skills as well as their speaking and listening skills because they’ll be having so much fun!

Watch for shooting stars or look for constellations

Take a blanket and lay in the yard with your children, looking at the stars. If you live in a well-lit area, take a drive out to the country to watch stars. Talk about the constellations. EarthSky has a wonderful guide to meteor showers. Try some constellation activities!

Play flashlight tag

Pick someone to be “IT” and give them a flashlight. They close their eyes and count to 20, letting everyone else hide. Then that person will try to find everyone with the flashlight!

Play Marco Polo (without being in the pool!)

Similar to playing Marco Polo in the pool, only you’re playing in the dark! The person who shouts “Marco” will be using their listening skills to find everyone else when they shout “Polo”. You can play any variation of this game, using whatever words you want!