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Happy November! Did you have a fun Halloween with your kiddos this year? The SRM families sure did!

Our kids range in age from five months to 12 years and they all got into the spirit of the Halloween season this year. Check out their creative costumes!

Marcie’s Sesame Street Gang

Marcie really took one for the team this year when she decided to surprise her son, who LOVES Big Bird, with this costume! Reece went as Cookie Monster, Maelie was Abby, and she even convinced her husband to don an Oscar the Grouch t-shirt. Look closely and you’ll see their dog even got into the photo op. Now that’s some Halloween spirit!


Erin’s “Max” and M&M

Inspired by Where the Wild Things Are, Erin made this adorable Max costume for her son, Christopher. Click here to find out how she did it!

Her daughter, Brid got creative as well and went as a very cute green M&M! This makes a great group costume if your child is trick-or-treating with friends, too!

Emily’s Amazing Gangnam Guy!

When her son Miles wanted to be Psy from the Gangnam Style video, super-crafty mom Emily delivered with this hand-sewn costume! A pair of sunglasses and bowtie completed the look—have you ever seen anything so cute?!

Laurel’s Little Bug

This year was Isla’s first time trick-or-treating. Laurel’s main concern was keeping her comfortable and warm on a chilly Halloween night. This little lady bug costume fit the bill. And believe or not, Isla kept her hood on the whole time!

Jasmine’s Cool Dudes

When her son Austin turned two, Jasmine threw an amazing Mickey Mouse party to celebrate the big day in honor of one of her son’s favorite characters. So for Halloween, it comes as no surprise that Austin dressed up as the Mouse himself! Big brother Ethan terrorized the neighborhood as the man in green—the Incredible Hulk!