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Welcome to Simply Real Moms’ 31 Days of Halloween! We at Simply Real Moms LOVE Halloween, so we thought it would be fun to feature one Halloween post each day in the month of October. Stay tuned for fun recipe, craft and party ideas; we hope to inspire you this Halloween season!

The first craft we would like to share is chalkboard painted pumpkins! This has got to be the easiest craft I have ever done and my son LOVES his chalkboard pumpkin! It is fun to be able to make a new pumpkin face every day and my son has spent hours playing with his pumpkin. Martha Stewart shares a recipe for homemade chalkboard paint if you want to be extra crafty, but for me, I prefer the quick and easy chalkboard paint out of a can! My paint was only $4.50 for 8 oz can of paint at Hobby Lobby; it provided enough to cover three pumpkins and I still have half the container of paint left.

This could also be a really fun party idea—you could paint a bunch of small pumpkins and have everyone vote on the most creative pumpkin drawing. Be sure to give a prize to the winner!


  • Pumpkin
  • paint brushes
  • chalkboard paint
  • chalk


Step 1. Clean your pumpkin by using a wet cloth to wipe any dirt off of it.

Step 2. Use a paint brush to paint pumpkin. Cover the whole thing with paint, let dry and do a second coat of paint.

Step 3. When you are sure your pumpkin is completely dry, break out that chalk and draw away!