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Looking for adorable cupcakes for this year’s Halloween party? Try bat cupcakes—these cupcakes are adorable and very easy to make. Trust me—I am not a crafty person and cannot decorate even a basic cupcake, so anyone can make these cupcakes. This is also a fun one to make with your kids!

You can make the cupcakes and frost them before hand, but be sure not to put the cookies in the icing until a couple of hours before you serve them.  Over time, the frosting will make your cookies soft and will make them crumble, so just be sure to do the bat wings right before your party (no more than two to three hours before).


  • Dark chocolate cake mix
  • Chocolate icing
  • Chocolate sprinkles
  • 24 Hershey’s kisses (unwrapped)
  • Keebler’s fudge striped cookies (be sure to buy Keebler’s—do not buy generic because you won’t get the curves that you want if you choose another brand).
  • Red gel icing


Step 1. Make cupcakes according to package instructions. Let cool.

Step 2. Frost cupcakes with chocolate icing.

Step 3.  Sprinkle each cupcake with chocolate sprinkles.

Step 4. Cut each cookie in half (you can cut them in half, but I prefer to cut mine 2/3 of the way across to create a more curved edge look).  If you do it my way, you will waste that other half, but you can just save them for later for the kids to eat.

  • There is also a trick to cutting the cookies—I apologize for not having better pictures, but be sure to hold two fingers on the side of the cookie that you want to use for the wings while cutting. It will hold the cookie in place and prevent the cookie from crumbling. After several failed attempts and having cookie after cookie crumble on me, this seemed to fix the problem.

Step 5.  Place each wing (one tip down) inside the back of the cupcake. One wing should go in front of the other.

Step 6. Place Hershey’s kiss in front of the wings in the center for the bats body.

Step 7. Use red gel icing to create the eyes and voila, you now have creepy bat cupcakes!  Enjoy!

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