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We are less than three weeks away from Valentine’s Day, are you ready to decorate? I don’t really go all out, but as my son gets a little older I am enjoying decorating for more holidays, not just Halloween and Christmas like I used to.

I desperately wanted to hang a dark red wreath on my door, but I have a dark red front door! Bummer. So after a few trial and error test runs, I found a wreath that fit nicely with my door color and was low-key Valentines Day, not too overly lovey dovey.

It was easy and cheap to make, and took me an hour from start to finish!

You’ll need:

1 Wreath Form (in the floral section at craft stores) $4.99
1 Skein (fancy word for Ball) of Yarn (I used Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Collection Yarn in Oatmeal Heather) $3.79
Thumbtacks (already owned) or pins
1 pkg each of mini wood letters X & O (2 letters per pkg) $0.99 ea
Paint *optional*

I used a little over half of the skein of yarn I bought. The Skein I had was 109 yards.



Start by wrapping your yarn around your wreath form a few times, making sure to wrap around the end of the yarn so that it is tucked away and under your wrapped yarn. **Word of advice** When using yarn, pull the string from the middle of the skein. It will unravel from the inside out and keep it’s form till the end…less mess!

Wrap your skein around the wreath form a few times, taking breaks every few wraps to slide the yarn as close together as possible.

Wrap the entire wreath form, and pin the yarn on the back once you’ve gotten to the end. Feel free to go around the wreath form as many times as you like, the more times you go around, the thicker it will be. I only wrapped mine once.

To make the “XOXO” hanging, I started by painting my mini letters. I wasn’t going to, because I loved the natural look of the wood, but I decided to paint just for fun. Cut some yarn about 1 foot in length (adjust for your wreath size).

Once the paint was dry, I hot glued the yarn onto the backs of each letter, at the tops. I left one finger width space in between each letter.

Pin one end of the yarn onto the back of your wreath, pin the other end across on the other side of your wreath, making a banner of sorts.

Make a small loop of yarn and pin it at the top of the back. This is what you will hang your wreath with.

Hang your wreath up on your door and stand back and gaze proudly at your masterpiece.


Hooray! I can feel the love, Can’t you?

Like my little hearts? Just a little added touch for fun…

Happy Crafting!