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Welcome to Emily’s Simply Made Series! Each post features a craft that looks cute or is practical but is easy enough for even the uncraftiest of people. Cute DIY things are NOT just for the pros! You can do it too!

It’s common tradition to have a Christmas tree in your home for the holidays, but does your family put up a Thanksgiving tree as well?

What’s a Thanksgiving tree?

It is a tree that goes up in your home where you and your family can write down the many things you have to be thankful for on the leaves. I have seen it done many ways…branches in a vase with paper leaves tied on, a framed tree, even a small christmas tree (They’re available at every store starting Nov 1st!)!

Last year, I wanted something that didn’t really take up too much room because we were in an apartment and surrounded by boxes as we readied ourselves to move. So I went with the 2D variety.

It was delightfully simple to make, and cheap too!

All you need is

Contact Paper (I had white, and I also bought a wood grain pattern ($6 for a huge roll). Feel free to use ANY colors that appeal to you!) Best place to find colors/patterns are Home Depot or Lowes
Permanent Markers

*I used Contact paper (you can also use “Peel and Stick Vinyl, or Sticky Drawer Liners…same thing) because it is safe for your walls and won’t mess up the paint. I LOVE contact paper, and will be showcasing other really awesome crafts using it in the future, so no worries if you think you have too much left over…I’ll help you use it up!*

First, start out by drawing leaves onto the back of your contact paper that you’ll use for the tree. I used wood grain patterned paper for the tree. Draw the leaves going all different ways, ending up with a circular shape of leaves.
Then, draw an outline around the leaves you have, making a trunk at the bottom

Cut out the tree

Peel off the backing and stick it right onto your wall!

Now, carefully cut out one leaf at a time and trace onto the leaf paper (I used white) Doing one at a time will help you remember where each leaf goes on the tree. Cut out the leaf, decorate with the markers as you please, and peel and stick in place.

We decorated the leaves, but left them blank so that we could write on them together, talking about being thankful with Miles. I also made a little sign with the white contact paper (using the template from my mousepad) with a line from one of our very favorite Veggie Tales songs. “…because a thankful heart is a happy heart” I love that line!

I made it low to the ground so that Miles could add to it as well.



Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for all that we have, and a Thanksgiving tree can help remind our children (and ourselves) of all we have to be thankful for.

Happy Crafting!

If your child accidentally gets permanent marker onto your wall, NO FEAR! HERE is the magic way to remove it!

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