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Welcome to Emily’s Simply Made Series! Each post features a craft that looks cute or is practical but is easy enough for even the uncraftiest of people. Cute DIY things are NOT just for the pros! You can do it too!

Today’s Simply Made project is an easy yet great looking modern decoration.

I wanted more to put on the walls in our room, but we are on a tight budget right now. I’ve been making more and more decorations to go around the house.

Our bedroom colors are pale blue, olive green, tan and white, and luckily, I had plenty of scrapbook paper in those colors! I decided to make a quilted look on a canvas. For cheap.

To make a Quilted Canvas, you’ll need:

  • A Canvas, any size. I used an 18″ X 24″ (Found at Michaels, Walmart, JoAnn etc, and there’s always a 40% off coupon for Michaels in the Sunday ads!!)
  • Scrapbook paper in the colors you want. You’ll need just as many square inches of paper as you have Canvas. For the 18X24, you need at least four 12X12 sheets of paper.
  • Paper Cutter
  • Mod Podge (Don’t have it? Go get it! I use it in crafting a lot.) (Found at any craft store)
  • Paintbrush (if you don’t have one handy, go cheap and get a $0.50 foam brush)


Here we go.

First, you want to cut your scrapbook paper into 1″ squares.

Make sure to keep all your colors separated into piles.

Next, you’ll want to paint some Mod Podge onto your canvas.

Mod Podge is amazing. I love it. It looks like glue (and it basically is glue) and dries clear so fudge all you want with it.

Back to painting. Paint a layer of Mod Podge onto your canvas across one edge of the front.
And start placing the squares on in no particular order along that edge. (or hey! make a pattern if you please…I won’t know…) The last square may not fit exactly…that’s ok. let it hang over. We’ll fix that at the end.

Once you get one row of squares stuck onto the canvas, repeat down the next edge, lining up the squares. This way, If your squares and canvas aren’t lining up, you’ll only have two edges to clean up at the end.

Then start at the corner where the two lines of squares meet up, and start to fill it in. Again…no particular order. Basically, you’ll be filling it in from one corner to the opposite corner.

When you’ve filled your canvas, paint a nice thick layer of Mod Podge on top!

  Remember, it dries clear.

Once dry, give it another layer of Mod Podge, and repeat until you have the desired look. I gave mine 3 coats.

Remember those edges that the paper hung over? Cut them off with scissors or an exacto knife. Easy!

And here it is all hung up!!

Try it with fabric if you’d like too!

Total Cost of materials for this project: ~ $13.90

Canvas: $6  (with Michaels coupon)

Scrapbook paper: $0.60 per sheet

Mod Podge: $5

Foam Brush: $0.50

Questions? Suggestions? Leave a comment!!

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