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Welcome to Emily’s Simply Made Series! Each post features a craft that looks cute or is practical but is easy enough for even the uncraftiest of people. Cute DIY things are NOT just for the pros! You can do it too!

Today’s Simply Made Sunday craft is a tutorial on how to make your own personalized shirts.

This is something I do often, (in a more complex nature) and I’ve made it so simple for you all to do it yourselves!

Here’s what you need:

  • a t-shirt or onesie in your child’s size
  • an old t-shirt (or fabric of your choice…t-shirts are just easier!)
  • scissors
  • pen
  • iron
  • no-sew ultra hold iron-on adhesive paper (CHECK THE LABEL!!! there is a “light hold” for sew-on as well which will come off after you wash it.)

*Iron on adhesive can be found at any craft or fabric store, and in the craft aisle at walmart for around $3.00 or you can buy it in larger amounts for around $9.00.

And here’s the skinny on how-to:

Start with a t-shirt or a onesie. Target and Old Navy are my two favorites for t-shirts, and they both run about $5 per. Or use one you already have!

Iron the tshirt out to get rid of any wrinkles.


Now. Take that old Saved By The Bell t-shirt and cut out a piece big enough for the letter you’ll be making. If you can’t gauge well, then just cut a piece the same size as the front of the child’s shirt.

Cut a piece of the iron-on adhesive paper about the same size as the cut piece of fabric or smaller, and iron it onto the back of the fabric. (If you’ve never used this stuff, no fear. It’s simple. just make sure you’ve got the shiny side of the paper against the fabric, and the matte side up.) Iron right on top of the paper.

Once the fabric/paper is cooled, draw your letter onto the paper side. REMEMBER. You need to draw the mirror image of the letter. Can’t freehand? I tried. I can’t. Just print out the letter on your basic Word or similar program. For mine today, I used the font Britannic Bold in size 550 for my son’s 24 month shirt. Change it up to get the right size for your child’s shirt.

Cut out the letter

Place it upside-down on the iron-on paper and trace the mirror image of your letter right onto the paper. Like I said. I tried the freehand thing…ignore that.

Cut out the letter

Peel the iron-on paper off the back of the letter (you should be left with a shiny film on the fabric)

Place the letter film side down where you want it on the shirt

Iron it on.

Really. It IS that easy. And washable!


Go crazy with it! Personalize anything! Or, put something other than a letter on a shirt! Do a peace sign, or a car. Bring out your creative side, friends! Wanna see some of the fun I’ve had? Check these out!

expecting a baby soon? Make a big bro or big sis shirt for your other kids!

probably my favorite I’ve made, your child will look like a top gun with some aviators hanging from his shirt!

Remember the Little Man baby shower?? These Onesies were made using this technique!

and how cute are these matching shirts for siblings, cousins or friends?!

If you can sew, feel free to sew around the edges for a finished look, but it is absolutely not necessary!

We think imitation is the BEST form of flattery! If you make this or any of my Simply Made Sunday projects, come by and post a picture of it on our Facebook page! We want to see!