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Welcome to Emily’s Simply Made Series! Each post features a craft that looks cute or is practical but is easy enough for even the uncraftiest of people. Cute DIY things are NOT just for the pros! You can do it too!

Ever have a weird space that needs a little ‘sumpin sumpin? An area in your home that is wide open enough that it needs decor, but just an awkward size? I do.

The space above my guest room closet is just that. Awkward.

I usually don’t decorate over closets, but my ceilings are 10ft up (higher than my previous homes) and in my guest room, the bed faces the closet and I feel like something needs to be there to greet my guests as they wake each morning.

I thought about getting a lovely wrought iron piece, but I wanted to make something. Most of the decor in my home is made by me and I wanted to stick with that groove. Plus, it cost me $5 in the end!

I made this cute Ombre Canvas Art with the words “Be Our Guest” across it in cursive. Love it. Simple. Purple. OMBRE!

It’s simpler than you would think, and you don’t need much in materials either!

To make this project, you’ll need:

3 canvases of the same size (I used 11X14 & bought them at Ross for $5 for the set. If you buy at a craft store, use a coupon!)
1 bottle of paint in the darkest color you’ll need
1 bottle of white paint
Contact paper
Mod Podge (or other sealing agent)

Paint one canvas in the color you chose as the darkest color. Mix a little white into the paint until you get a lighter shade that you like, paint a canvas, then repeat for the last canvas in an even lighter shade.

While the canvases dry, print out the words you would like to use onto computer paper in the font you would like. I used the font “Callie Hand” at a size of 665pt. It may take a few pages, and taping the letters together.

Cut out the letters, including all the centers of “o” or “b” or “e” etc. Trace your phrase BACKWARDS onto your contact paper, then cut it out! (If you have a cricut or a silhouette, skip this step and use your machine to save time)

Place all three canvases side by side, making sure the sides are touching. I placed them landscape in order to make the art longer.
Remove the paper backing from your contact paper, and place your adhesive phrase onto your canvases, not worrying about the breaks in between canvases. Just place your words right over them!


The contact paper can be stuck and re-stuck without damaging it or the canvas, so play with it as you need to get it perfect!

Once your words are all placed correctly, use scissors to snip the letters where the breaks in between canvases are. Smooth out the contact paper, and make sure it is all sticking to your canvas.

Cover each canvas with Mod Podge (or any sealer you like to use…I just LOVE Mod Podge). It will have a milky look to it, but it dries clear, so no worries.


Once dry, hang up your new piece of art and just enjoy it!


Now that awkward space has a little flair!

This is the technique I used to make the two canvases on my son’s wall in his room. Rather than using words, I cut out a robot and a rocket ship and they turned out awesome! Funky, modern kid’s art for cheap!

We think imitation is the BEST form of flattery! If you make this or any of my Simply Made Sunday projects, come by and post a picture of it on our Facebook page! We want to see!