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Welcome to Emily’s Simply Made Series! Each post features a craft that looks cute or is practical but is easy enough for even the uncraftiest of people. Cute DIY things are NOT just for the pros! You can do it too!

Bunting has got to be one of my favorite things out there. It can be used for absolutely ANYTHING! Decorations for a party, photo props, signs for a garage sale, or in my case, decor for your child’s room!

While trying to come up with the design for Miles’s room, I planned around this bunting. I knew I wanted bunting to go across an entire wall in his room. I had a vision.

So, I headed to the craft store to buy the fabric. I literally picked up 15 different kinds of fabric in blues, whites and oranges. You can pick as many as you like, from 1 to 100! Just pick designs that appeal to you (or your little, if they’re old enough to chime in).

Here’s what you’ll need

  • Fabric (I bought 15 designs, 1/4 yard of each and that was at least DOUBLE what I ended up using)
  • Heat and Bond (found near the velcro at the craft store or Walmart)
  • Liquid Stitch (can find it near the velcro at the craft store or Walmart…GREAT stuff for non-sewers! Use it instead of a sewing machine!)
  • 2 – 4 yard packages of Single Fold Bias Tape (found in the quilt and blanket binding sections at craft stores or Walmart)


These directions are how I did it, with 15 kinds of fabric. Each square I had yielded 3 triangles, so plan accordingly for your own bunting.

Start by cutting a rectangle out of each fabric, 9in (width of 1/4 yard) by 18 in. Fold in half and iron, making a crease.

Cut 8.5in X 8.5in squares out of your Heat N Bond.

Iron the Heat N Bond to one end of your rectangle, centering it to one of the squares you made when you ironed the crease.


Peel the paper off the Heat N Bond once it has cooled

Fold the Fabric over top of the exposed Heat N Bond and iron again, fusing the two sides together.

Repeat for all of your pieces of fabric.

Draw 3 long triangles onto the fabric

Cut out your triangles. I used Pinking Shears for cutting mine out, just for looks. Pinking shears are scissors that cut a jagged edge, usually used to keep fabric from fraying. Your fabric wont fray if you use Heat N Bond though.

Now, you’ve got a bunch of triangles! Look at them…so pretty…

Lay out your Bias Tape.

Take one triangle, and squeeze a strip of liquid stitch across the top (shortest) side, front and back.



Starting about 12 inches into your bias tape, lay down your liquid stitched fabric triangle along the bottom half of your bias tape. (sorry for the difference in pics…I started this project a different way and found THIS way to be much more efficient.)

Fold the top of the bias tape down over the front of your triangle and press down, sealing the bias tape and the fabric. Re-do if needed…it takes 30 minutes for it to be a permanent seal.

Liquid stitch a 2-3 inch portion of your bias tape closed over itself, then start with the next triangle, repeating the steps until you are done.

Hang it up to enjoy!

I used 43 triangles in the end, and it covered an 11ft wall a little less than twice. I just liquid stitched extra bias tape at the end to help make it all the way across the second time. Feel free to stitch around the edges for a more finished look if you;d like, but this bunting is great as is!

This project took a little bit of time, but start to finish, I had it done in three days working on and off.

Happy Crafting!

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