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If you’re racking your brain trying to think of last minute gifts for your friends and family, never fear! We have a list of some of our best home made crafts that would make the perfect presents this holiday season.

All of these crafts are simple, don’t take too long to make, and don’t cost too much! The perfect combination, right?! No matter who you are looking to give to, we have a solution.


My favorite kind of gift to give is a personalized one. It makes a homemade gift that is already very special into a unique, cherished memory. We have several wonderful ideas to make your gifts just a little more personal…


Customize this burlap monogram for anyone! Design it anyway you want, even add images! Include first names, children’s names or even a family motto or favorite bible verse.


Turn this sign into a personalized welcome sign, a cute kitchen decor sign, or anything your heart desires! The possibilities are endless with this wooden sign!


String Word Art Tutorial: Easy to make and doesn't cost a ton!

Personalize this String Art with a last name, first name, or a favorite quote! This is so easily customized just by changing the font (script fonts make this GORGEOUS!)


This distressed monogram is a simple project that even older children can make for friends and family!


Make this completely custom home state art with any colors and patterns you choose! This simple yet meaningful gift can be made for homes, birthplaces or even wedding locations.


DIY Gold Ampersand


Gold is gorgeous! Personalize this quickk and easy DIY with a monogram, or pair it with a photo of the family!


You will be shocked at just how easy it is to make your own custom silhouettes of family or friends! All you need is a printer and scissors!

For the Kids

Kids get plenty of toys and such for the holidays, make them something they will love and will be something they can keep to remember you!


Make that special little someone a fun shirt for Christmas! NO SEWING required (BONUS!!!) and you can make not just letters, but any shape you can cut out. From neckties to dinosaurs to cars, cupcakes to flowers and even the iconic Barbie silhouette!


This magnetic letter board is a simple, yet impressive gift to give a toddler who loves to learn!


 For the little cook or artist in your life, this easy to make apron (with a sewing or no-sew option) can be made quickly from a dishtowel!


DIY Everything is Awesome ShirtGot a lego lover in your life? This t-shirt is easy to make and we even have a free template to make your own!  You will be loved for this Everything is Awesome T-shirt!


 Little girls love to dress up in tutus, and while the kind you find in stores can run you upwards of $50, this version is affordable and easy to make!


Simply Made DIY Printed Leggings

Make tons of these adorable hand printed leggings for almost nothing! We get compliments on ours everytime our little guy wears them, especially these Lightning Bolt design leggings!

Customize your kiddos’ Bath Time with these DIY bath foam toys! Super easy to make, and the possibilities are endless to make your child’s bathtime fun!


 This felt board is not just a fun playtime activity, it’s perfect for the learning child! Letters, numbers, shapes and more can be cut from felt to stick to this great gift.

For Anyone

Forget the basic mouse pads you find in your local tech store! Make a mouse pad yourself with just a few simple steps! Customize it to fit your recipient’s personality!


 These coasters are possibly the cheapest gift on our list, yet get noticed in my home every time people come over! Customize them with colors from your decor, or even monograms or pictures!


Just think of all the things you can do with this! Printing on fabric is a great way to make a personalized gift, use this technique to customize clothing, framed art, or even make a customized fabric for the crafter in your life!


 This art is not from an upscale home decor store, despite how it looks! You won’t believe how simple it is to make beautiful floral prints for your friends or loved ones!


 Who doesn’t love a wreath?! This wreath is simple and can be made in your recipient’s favorite colors!


 Ombre is in, folks! Create this fun wall art with different shades of your favorite color to make a custom piece of art! Personalize it with a name or favorite quote to really make it great.


Whatever you make, homemade gifts are just so special! Don’t forget to post any pictures of gifts you made for your friends and family onto our Facebook page!!