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Hello Vintage Display

Over the next few weeks you will be seeing the different projects I’ve been doing in my son’s room as we transition it from a one child room to a shared room for my older two boys. We are trying to incorporate things both boys love and can grow with which can be a challenge since they are 4 years apart.

Something both boys love is pictures. They LOVE to look at pictures and talk about the memories or name the people in each image, and so we decided to do a fun photo wall for them to look at pictures they chose as their favorites.

HP Social Media Snapshots AppWe used the HP Social Media Snapshots app for this project because it is seriously my favorite app for photo printing! You simply link it to all your social media accounts and your phone’s camera roll,

Choose your Picture in HP Snapshots AppChoose the photo you wish to print,

HP SnapShots App Steps

And then:
1. Choose the layout you want! If you are using one of the social media sites to choose your photo, it can add the caption in for you or you can leave that out.2. Send the photo to your Twitter, Mail it, or Print it…Today we are printing.
3. Choose the correct paper size and how many copies
4. Make sure it’s set to the correct (wireless) printer and hit PRINT! We are using our new HP Envy 5660 and LOVE that it has an extra dedicated photo tray perfectly sized for these 4×6 prints! No need to switch out my printer paper, I always have photo paper ready to use!

Vintage Instant Film Photos From Your PhoneI cut off about an inch at the bottom of each photo to really give the look of the old Instant Film photos we all love.

I then strung up two lengths of twine from nails and used clothespins to hold up the photos.Hello Photo Wall

I got the wire “Hello” speech bubble at Hobby Lobby for about $7. I love it so much, but if you can’t find something similar, you can make one of your own on canvas with paint!

Love the Minimalist Minions we added to our display? Our boys are a little obsessed with the Minions (My oldest can even name some of them!) and so we thought it would be fun to put them in there as well. Feel free to use the images below to print onto your own photos! (These designs belong to Simply Real Moms and are not to be sold or used for any purpose other than personal use.)

Minimalist Minions

This project was made as part of my participation in the HP Smart Moms Panel using products given to me to facilitate content. All opinions are my own.