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I love a good homemade soup. Nothing compares to the coziness of a soup you’ve made from scratch, and while that may seem overly complicated, I’m here today to show you just how easy it can be!

Today I’m sharing how I make my base for most soups-chicken stock! I tend to make my stock very basic and simple, and there are several ways I make it but this is my favorite (and simplest) way.

I start with a whole chicken, rinsed off and place it into a potSimply Homemade Chicken StockCover the chicken with water plus an extra inch or soMake your own Chicken StockFeel free to add salt/pepper or seasonings if you would like, but I prefer no extra flavor in my stock so that I can customize that with each soup I make.Homemade Chicken stockCover your pot and turn the heat on high. Bring it to a boil and then turn your heat down to a medium low and let it simmer for at least 3 hours.How to make chicken stock

The longer you can let it simmer the better. Those bones have all kinds of good goo inside that will make your stock only get better the longer they simmer.
How to make homemade chicken stockIf you’re short on time though, just make sure that your chicken is starting to pull away from the bones. That’s a good indicator that the chicken is cooked and “fall off the bone” good.Making your own chicken stockStrain your stock out and set the meat aside to use for your soup. Let the stock cool to room temperature and then place it into the fridge overnight.Fresh Hot Chicken StockA fully chilled stock will look like this when you take it out of the fridge:Chilled Chicken StockThat’s all the fat! It rises to the top and solidifies to make it simple to make your stock super low fat. Simply use a mesh colander or even a spoon to scrape the fat off.
Simply LowFat Chicken StockWhat you’re left with is the perfect base for your favorite soups! Use what you need and freeze what’s left to use for recipes in the future.SIMPLY HOMEMADE CHICKEN STOCK BROTH

Some of the other ways I make stock is using a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store after we’ve eaten it-we remove left over meat to use later and boil just the bones. It won’t be quite as rich as boiling the chicken AND bones but it is glorious!

Add vegetables like carrots, celery or onions to give it more flavor!

My favorite version? Leftover bones from the turkey at Thanksgiving. NOTHING is better than a delicious turkey stock in a homemade turkey noodle soup!