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Cinco De Mayo is coming up this Saturday!

To celebrate, I’ll be sharing THREE of my favorite Margarita Recipes this week and you will thank me, I know it.

Today’s Margarita is the Silver Pomegranate Margarita. I love Pomegranates, and adding them to one of my fav drinks? Perfection. This drink is tasty, refreshing, and a whole lot of fun!


1.5oz Silver Tequila
.75oz Triple Sec
1.5oz Pomagranate Liquor (pom. juice is fine too)
A Squirt of Lime Juice (1tsp or so)

Mixing the Drink

Mix all ingredients in a shaker and serve on the rocks in a salt-rimmed lowball glass (or not…I myself am not a big salt fan with my margs)


Pour all ingredients into a blender with ice to serve as a frozen drink. This is best if you double or triple the recipe.


This drink is pretty strong, so if you prefer a more mild taste, I suggest using the Pom Juice rather than the liquor.