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As a mom on a budget, I am constantly looking for steals and deals to help stretch our budget and be able to afford little luxuries every once in a while.

One of my most favorite ways to shop is using my smart phone to keep apps that will help me with finding coupons and deals on the fly, but my absolute favorite app is one that is not about coupons, but rewarding me for shopping!

Shopkick is the ultimate shopping rewards app!

Shopkick is my shopping must have. Like traditional rewards programs, Shopkick rewards you for shopping…but not just in one store! You get rewarded in all sorts of ways in so many different stores! All you need is your app open in your smatphone (or tablet), and you can earn rewards, or “Kicks”! No need to buy anything (although that can earn you extra kicks!).

Shopkick is the ultimate shopping rewards app!

One of my favorite ways to get rewarded is for walking into my favorite stores. No really…I get kicks for walking into Target. How many times a week do we parents do that?!

Once you have gotten your kicks for walking into a store, there are sometimes extra kicks available just for scanning certain items with your phone! Simply select the item they are asking you to scan, and then hold your phone over that item’s barcode! Simple! Done. More rewards!

Shopkick is the ultimate shopping rewards app!

You can also connect your Visa or Mastercard to your shopkick account, and anytime you use that card in participating stores, you will receive even more kicks!

Once you start using Shopkick, you will be sure to want to tell your friends about it. I mean, free rewards? Just for walking around you favorite store or the mall (BEST place to shopkick, by the way! I earn thousands of kicks there!)? Tell your friends about it…invite them using your Shopkick app…and you both get 50 kicks when they sign up, AND you get all the same kicks they get for the first month! Yep, each time they scan an item, walk into a store, anyway they earn kicks-you get the same amount of kicks banked into your account as well! Score.

Rack up those kicks and use them to get giftcards to Target, Starbucks, Redbox, Babies/Toys R Us and more, OR save up your kicks for huge rewards like a Kitchen Aid Mixer, Tifanny & Co. Gift Card, or even a cruise!

Shopkick is the ultimate shopping rewards app!

I am able to enjoy free Starbucks drinks (something we had cut out of our budget) every once in a while, and I love that I earned that just by doing my errands!

Some stores include extra deals, too! When I walk into a store and receive my kicks, I then flip through the “lookbooks” to check out what deals they’ve got going on in-store to help me save even more!

You’re just a step away from enjoying a more rewarding way to shop. Download shopkick now on your iPhone or Android phone.

*I was not compensated for this post, I am really a fan of shopkick and use it all the time. All opinions are my own