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Set your DVR for September 16th on PBS, folks because Sesame Street is coming back atcha for its 44th season! That’s right, Sesame Street has been around for a long time, and the show that we all grew up on is introducing a brand new neighbor on the street!

Armando (aka Mando) is the newest friend your children will meet this September and he brings a little more diversity to the neighborhood. Mando is bi-lingual and Puerto Rican and joins the other bi-lingual characters on the show that help give more kids the representation of someone just like them! Sesame Street wants kids to realize that they are “Human first, then everything else” -Ismael Cruz Cordova (Mando)

We had the pleasure of attending this year’s PBS Annual Meeting where Armando was introduced (in person!) and we had the chance to watch him in action, as well as spend a little one on one time chatting it up with the energetic new neighbor! It was so fun to see him sing this song live:

And to also hear him talk about coming to Sesame Street to live! Mando tells us he is excited to bring a little Puerto Rican flair to Sesame Street (maybe even a little salsa dancing!) and to teach our little ones some of his favorite Spanish words!

Ismael Cruz Cordova who plays Mando, grew up in Puerto Rico and says he learned English by watching Sesame Street beside his sisters! “Growing up in the lower income communities, you don’t realize you have a voice or that it matters. Sesame Street and the arts gave me a voice.” He is so excited to give other Latino kids out there a representation of someone like them! He was a joy to meet and we are so excited to watch him in action!

Along with having a new character move in, there are tons of new songs, new shorts based on mom & dad’s favorite shows, and of course all of the beloved characters we have all come to love over the last 43 seasons!

So tune in or set your DVR on September 16th for the season premeire of Sesame Street and enjoy a whole new season of learning with your kids!