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Giving a helping hand to your child’s school is so important, and there are so many ways to do it! We donate supplies, volunteer time in the classrooms, help our kids with fundraisers, bake all kinds of goodies for bake sales and more. The schools our children go to are a big part of the building blocks of their childhood, and giving back helps the schools make learning a much better experience! Things like extra curricular activities, sports and even music programs-all once seen as necessary in our schools are slowly fading away due to budget cuts.

I recently heard about a way to donate to your schools that I am so overly excited about and the urge to dress my kids in a fashionable way for cheap has taken over…it’s all I think about!

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Launched in San Francisco in 2012, Schoola was founded by Stacey Boyd, who is a parent, former teacher and a principal, to create new opportunities for raising money for school programs that foster children’s creativity.  She recognized that art, music, physical education, and foreign language are essential for kids; yet schools across the country are consistently experiencing funding cuts for these indispensable programs. Schoola provides a much needed solution— enabling parents to donate their children’s pre-loved clothes to the online store at and then 40% of each sale is donated to the school of their choice.

It’s genius, really! Our kids grow out of their clothes. They need these crucial programs in their schools. They need new clothes. It’s a win win win. You can get the clothing that is too small off of your hands, earn money for your school AND shop for new clothes at a really amazing discount!

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All of the clothing is gently used, and each item explains any (if any) wear and tear or blemishes. You will also see which school will be receiving the proceeds from that article of clothing…so you know exactly where your money is going!

When my oldest son needed a whole new wardrobe for school this year thanks to an unreasonable growth spurt over the summer, we headed over to Schoola to check out what they had. I was hooked. The prices and styles were so perfect for our budget and my wants for my little guy! Not only was I pleased with finding so many amazing pieces, my husband (the finance manager in our home) declared that we now have to buy all clothing from Schoola because he couldn’t believe the end bill!

Schoola-Buy used clothing to benefit your schools!

This picture has all of the exact items I bought, along with the prices I paid. When I say exact I mean it. They photograph each article of clothing and you get exactly what you order! You can see the wear on the knees of the Zara jeans I bought. I personally love the “worn” look, so this is the perfect way for me to shop! The lower priced yellow jeans from H&M and the Spiderman sweatshirt were both a little more loved than some of the other items-the prices reflect that! Honestly though, they came in the mail and I was very happy with the wear each item had and the prices we paid! Nothing was TOO worn! My son picked out the two bottom pieces- the red Gap rain boots and a Monster Jam t-shirt (with Grave Digger on it). He has wanted red boots for a while and I was just fine with paying less than $10 for them!

The only flaw I’ve found with this site:
Sometimes prices and sizes can be a little wonky. Really pay attention to what you decide to buy. I saw a plain white Carters brand onesie on there for around $4, with the “original price” as $20. I know because I am a mom and buy these all the time that the $20 is for 4 onesies, making each $5 so $4 isn’t much of a discount. I’m not sure how they figure pricing, but that’s something they still need to iron out. Sizes were weird with some items too, especially shoes. Baby AND kids shoes come in the same numbers, but sizes aren’t specified which they are for. This can make it tricky.

Over 300 schools all across the U.S. have received the proceeds from these clothes and Schoola continues to develop innovative ways to raise funds for a continuously expanding network of schools. Basically how it works is you request a bag (CLICK HERE TO DO THAT) from Schoola and let them know which school you want the proceeds to go to. You fill it with clothing to donate (you can hold a clothing drive at school specifically for this!) and send it back in the prepaid shipping envelope. Every item that is bought from your donated clothing will directly benefit YOUR child’s school!

Want to buy clothes that benefit your child’s school? HERE is where you can search for your school and shop only the items that will benefit that school!

Overall, this is an amazing site with an amazing cause that can benefit your school and your wallet. Check them out today to find “new” clothes for your kiddos and help fund crucial programs around the country!



 *We were given a gift card to facilitate a review (but we’ve bought WAY more since!) but all opinions are my own.