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Kids have so much to remember when it comes to learning, and sometimes it can be easy to forget the simplest things!

Flash cards are a really great way to keep minds fresh and help your kids to visualize their learning.

School Zone recently came out with a line of Combo Pack Flash Cards which allows children to practice on-the-go and improve speed and accuracy in math and reading fundamentals.

We checked out the Addition Flash Cards Combo Pack from School Zone, and the kids loved to test each other!

The colorful numbers are easy to see, and the answers are conveniently located on the back of each card, so the quizzing child was able to see the answers, and they said it made them feel like teachers.

The Addition Flash Cards Combo Pack also comes with a mini work booklet and a pencil, so I was able to give my own “tests” and the kids could earn stickers for finished work sheets!

These Flash Card sets make for the perfect stocking stuffer, and to help keep minds fresh while on holiday or summer vacation!

Make sure to check out the other two combo packs available:

Multiplication, and Sight Words

We really like the Addition Flash Cards from School Zone, and you wouldn’t believe all the flash card sets they have available!

Animal Alphabet
Colors, Shapes & More
Numbers (0-100)
Sight Words
Three Letter Words
Multiplication (0-12)
Word Families
…and MANY MANY more!! Check out their entire line of flash cards HERE