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scholarshare-holiday-matchWith the holiday season in full swing, gifts for our children will be coming in from family and friends all over. Toys, clothes and books a plenty come gift wrapped to put under the tree, but a lot of family members like to send gifts that will last longer and are more meaningful. In our home, when the kids receive money for Christmas and birthdays, we add the money to their Scholarshare College savings accounts rather than use it to buy more toys that will be forgotten in a month.

Pretty good idea, right? Why not put that money where it can grow over time and help them tremendously when they are ready to go to college? Start small now because every little bit will help to chip away at the mountain of debt that higher education can leave you with.

Lucky for you, THIS FRIDAY ScholarShare is hosting an event where they’ll match your contribution to your child’s new ScholarShare College Savings!scholarshare-holiday-match-programYep, that’s right! From 12:01AM to 11:59PM PST, when you open a new ScholarShare 529 college savings account with $50 and enroll in the automatic contributions plan (for $25 or more per month), ScholarShare will match your contribution to start your child off with $100! This is the perfect time to open a new account so that it’s all ready for the holiday money coming in so why not do it when you can double your money?!

Find more info about the ScholarShare Holiday Match Program HERE

If family members need an easier way to send money to your child’s ScholarShare account, you can now find ScholarShare gift cards at California based Toys ‘R’ Us and Babies ‘R’ Us stores and on ScholarShare’s website!

Hope your children’s holiday gifts are something they’ll be able to enjoy now AND down the road!

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