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Schitts Creek has taken the world by storm and we are just as obsessed as you all are too. Don’t miss out on giving the most memorable gift this year because there is nothing a Schitts Creek fan would love more than one of these ab-solutely fabulous gifts!



A Very Schitty Coloring Book

Coloring is very calming and perfect for when you need to “Take a Selfish” and spend time all by yourself. Why not color fun scenes from your favorite TV show?! This coloring book 10 lovely pages of coloring, puzzles and activities and would make the perfect gift with some chic coloring pencils!


Rose Apothecary Sweatshirt

Promote your favorite shop to buy locally sourced products that are handcrafted with care by wearing this cozy crew neck Rose Apothecary sweatshirt. It’s perfect to wear while you dance to “Simply the Best”.

David’s Shirt Ornaments

Hang some of David’s iconic sweaters on your Christmas tree to give it the ultimate Schitts Creek look. My favorite lightning bolt sweater is included in the set, as is 5 other amazing looks.

Fold In The Cheese Board

Quite possibly one of the funniest scenes in Schitts Creek is David and Moira Rose trying to cook her mother’s recipe for Enchiladas and the recipe calls for them to “fold in the cheese” to make the sauce. “What does that mean?” David asks. “Do you fold it in half like a piece of paper and drop it in the pot? What do you do?” This cheeseboard is bound to make any Schitts fan giggle every time they use it and think of that hilarious scene.


Rosebud Motel Keychain

Vintage style motel keychain is a nod to the Motel that the Roses live in in Schitt’s Creek. Wouldn’t it be a dream to spend the night in the Rosebud motel? Just kidding! I need one for myself, for sure!

Schitts Creek Saint Candles

These candles will help set the mood in your home and as Alexis would say “I love that journey for me”. The set of 4 candles is made with unscented wax and they burn for 80 hours each.

Ew David Mug

Start your mornings the right way-with this Rae Dunn inspired Ew David mug filled with your favorite hot beverage! Arguably Alexis’s most iconic line in the entire series as she’s upset with her brother and you can just hear her saying “Oh my Gawd Ew Deee-vahd”.

Rose Family Name Shirt

Your four favorite members of the Rose family are now plastered on an adorable Helvetica Shirt. Johnny & Moira & David & Alexis are all with you through your day when you wear this perfectly basic Schitts Creek schirt.

Bebe It’s Cold Outside

Moira Rose is as fabulous as they come and when baby talk starts around town it became clear I’ll never say “baby” the same again. She refers to any baby as a “bébé as any proper lady should, so you know if she sang the classic Christmas song, it would be “Bébé It’s Cold Outside”.

Rose Apothecary Art

I want this in my house to give a suttle nod to the Schitts Creek shop started by David and his business partner turned life partner Patrick. This watercolor painting depicts the Rose Apothecary in spring and is so adorably done by RitaWorksArt.

Cafe Tropical Shirt

So many important moments in the Rose family (and off of the residents of Schitts Creek) take place in Cafe Tropical. This baseball tee is the one worn by David and the rest of the Cafe Tropical team in the baseball game against Bob’s Garage team.


Embroidered Hoop

Inspired by one of David’s amazing shirts from the show, this hand embroidered hoop would hang perfectly on the wall next to the watercolor Rose Apothecary up above!


No matter the person you are gifting, any of these Schitty products would be well received with a smile and maybe even an “EW” if you’re lucky!