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Admit it.

I know you do it.

Ok, well maybe you don’t- but I understand if you do, and I am here for you.

Our kids come home from pre-school, elementary school, and heck…sometimes junior high and high school with art projects. In those early years, theres AT LEAST one a day. I see up to 4 in one day with the kiddos I watch! Each one is special in their eyes, and it’s so stinkin cute that it means so much to them! I’m constantly told “I made this for your house, Emily!”. Well. As much as I love those little ones, the colored macaroni and shedding glitter just doesn’t fit into my design scheme at home. But as a mom, I love to keep the art projects I do with my son. We’ve already started a good collection!

I’m becoming a glittered macaroni art hoarder though.

But there is a cure to the common ugly art hoarder!

When your little one is in pre-school and bringing home a few projects a day, have them pick one or two favorites at the end of each week to put into a keepsake box. How much fun is it going to be for them to look back when they’re older? Probably not the craziest fun they’ll have, but sentimental at least for you.

But there’s 10 or so left! Do you throw them away and chance having to tell your son or daughter that their special picture went to a big farm where it can play with other glittery, carb-loaded pictures?


You take a picture of your child holding each one.

Yes, it’s a lot of work in the beginning, but it gets easier as they get older and there’s less projects! You can then print each picture out and make your own simple photo album or heck, even scrapbook it! It will be fun to look back not only at the art, but your child holding it at the age they made it! PLUS. You’re closet doesn’t sneeze glitter at you when you open it to add ANOTHER masterpiece. Bonus.