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I love the look of manicured nails, but I sure as heck don’t have the time to keep up with the weekly visits it would take to keep them looking new and lovely. Doing my own at home is nice, and I can do it whenever I have a little free time, but it never looks as nice and smooth as the salon results, and to even come close you need a TON of patience and dry time.

So when I found Salon Effects from Sally Hansen I was intrigued, but definitely skeptical. I mean really. How can it just be that easy?!

But it really is!

I followed the included instructions and had a finished, dry, smooth manicure in about 15 minutes! Best of all? It lasted a week and a half before it chipped! It grew out before chipping! It was amazing, and I didn’t even use a topcoat which I’m sure would prolong the life of the manicure.

Basically, you peel a strip off of the backing, place it onto your finger and press down and rub it. Use the included file and wooden stick to shape it to your nail and cut off the excess. Done.

These amazing little strips of pre-decorated polish are a busy mom’s dream come true. No need to go to the salon and spend all that money, for about $9 you can have a cute manicure in minutes that really lasts! I even cut the strips in half and get TWO manicures out of one box! (Just make sure that if you do that, you only open one pocket of strips. Each box comes with two pockets of strips, and once you open a pocket the strips dry out after a few hours and become unusable.)

They have solid colors,


Floral Prints,

Animal Prints,

And your little girl will LOVE joining in on the fun! No need for a patient little one—it needs no dry time!!

They’re even great on toes! They lasted about four weeks on my toes!

Currently? I’m sporting a holiday feel with silver and red!

I don’t use regular polish anymore. No, Really. I have no desire to wait for drying, cleaning up mistakes or ending up with an unfinished look. I ONLY use the Sally Hansen Salon Effects on my hands, and it saves me time and money. I’m not just saying that. I really do use them all the time! These are definitely something I highly recommend.

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